Good Morning and Welcome to Business Class (June 3)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
It is currently 6:08 in San Francisco time. What am I doing? Chilling in a lounge. Cool, right? 
It's awesome.

Eating this weird brownie crisp. Which actually tastes magnificent. And checking email and whatnots. (You can contact me here: My email) That email is linked to this blog. 

Here's how my wild day started.
Waking up at 2:45 am. (New York time.) I made my way to the subway and hopped onto the train.

It was around 3 am or so. So there was almost no one there. Only drunks and the homeless people. 
See? You don't see anyone until you scan the distance. 

Once I got the airport, we went to the lounge in NYC. And sat there and sat. (Love the breakfast. I had some nice hot chocolate. From Ghirardelli, in fact. Which was hilarious because I went to San Francisco later in the day.) 

What is this? The NYC AirTrain signs. One says 'Closed'. The other says 'Please board on the other side'. Which says 'Closed'. The train ended up being on the 'Closed' side. Funny, though. 

My breakfast. (I had pastries after. More pastries actually... And hot chocolate. Thanks. Uncle D, for the business class and lounge access.)

Then we boarded the plane. 
And got breakfast again.

French toast. The white sauce in the metal container was great. Delicious. So sweet and vanilla-y. 

And a delicious warmed cookie. (I don't have a picture. My dad does, though.) Too bad. It looked great.

A picture of the world underneath the plane's wings. Beautiful, isn't it? 

We arrived in San Francisco. With a problem with the BART, we headed for Stanford. 

The double-decker CALTrain. I sat on the upper level. I adore the upper level of the double-decker buses in HK. So I loved the upper level of this one.

And the view from above. Look! My shoes with the duct tape. Ooh... (My shoes started falling apart. Thankfully, we had duct tape on hand. Woohoo.) 

We were supposed to go on a tour, but we ended up just wandering. We had food at some small cafe. (A nice panini for me.) It wasn't bad food. (No pictures, though. I grow weary of taking pictures of food. And it's totally not awkward.)

And I found out the mascot for Stanford. 
A tree.
This is not my picture. Sadly... I wish I  could have seen the mascot in real life. He/she looks so cute. And hilarious. (Heh heh.)

Yes. A tree. I cracked up so hard when the lady told my dad and I. Laughing so bad. 

So we went to the bookstore. (It was like a mini Barnes and Nobles.) I perused the shelves. The manga section was much bigger than the Strand's. (Which shocked me.) And the YA section wasn't too bad. Nice and all. Some paperbacks were cheap. $9.99 USD or so. Or maybe, if you're lucky, $8.99 USD. Sure, the hardcovers were more than that. What did you expect? At least they didn't hit $20 USD! (That's how B&N works really. Expensive. I'm lucky I have gift cards. That's reminds me...)

And my dad found this gem. Precious. 

Yes. I fear the tree. -guffaws- 

And I'm waiting for my plane to depart from San Francisco. I'll arrive in Tokyo really early. (Crazy early in Japan time. Like...1 am. Early, right?) 
I'll write about it. Later. When I'm mildly over my jetlag. (16 hours ahead of San Francisco time. UGH. And I'm recovering from San Francisco time. I can't wait to get to HK to sleep all this off.)

Until next time...

(I got to name you guys, readers. Help me out. Traveler? Followers? Birds? I name IS Wren after all.'s technically a nickname...but still! Comment below. I feel odd calling you readers. Since I know my family is following my travels via this blog. Awkward, right?
Love you guys too.)

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