Konnichiwa (June 5)

Friday, June 5, 2015
Japan was awesome. What did I do?

I arrived early in the morning/late at night. I stayed at a capsule hotel.

And pretended to about to be frozen in a 'cryogenic chamber'.

After staying in my capsule, we went to Akhibara to see a cat cafe, rabbit cafe, and Mandarake. 

We went to the subway system. And guffawed over the options for tickets.

The large-headed kids. Oh my gosh...

And we found this as well. I think it's depicting what to do when someone/something falls onto the tracks. (Don't freak out!)

We got off at Akhibara. We ended up at wandering. A lot. We got lost. Seriously lost.

We ended up at a nine-story manga/anime store.

I got a cute Konoha keychain whatnot. It's so cute.

I wandered the store and found different manga covers with cool-looking characters.

And the English section wasn't too shabby. It took up a whole shelving unit. Nice, right?

We left the book tower and tried to find food and Mandarake.
We found food. But the manga/anime store? And the cafes? So much harder than we thought. 

We had tempura and cold soba. I loved my tempura. It tasted good. My dad enjoyed his soba. I've never had soba before, so I tried it. It didn't taste too bad. It was okay. I don't see why it's so hyped, though. 

We found the cat cafe. And the rabbit cafe. 

And then...

We found Mandarake!

I went up the stairs and explored. 


                                 US                                                       Japan

I wandered the stories. The levels of manga. 
And the hentai. (I accidentally stepped inside. My eyes burned. DO NOT LOOK UP HENTAI.)
Two levels devoted to hentai and yaoi. It was crazy. 

And I found fanservice. 
LeviXEren. What. WHAT. -screams- 

Then I went to the level with the dolls. It freaked me out a bit. The heads... Some didn't have eyes. It freaked me out. But. I found this one doll that looked like a girl from Steins Gate. (I loved Steins Gate. Such a good anime.)

We decided to just go to the rabbit cafe. (I adore bunnies more.)

Candy Fruit Review:
I have never played with rabbits before. I have never gone to an animal cafe at all.
So this was all new for me.
It was good, though. Fun. 

There wasn't really anyone there. I got one-on-one time with the bunnies. Which was amazing. 

I had fun with the bunnies. The first bunny (named Rin, I think) was playful and cute. 

Then I got another bunny. One that I fed apples. 

And then I got another bunny. One that kept running away from me. (WHY?!?!) 

Don't judge me. The bunny just didn't like me...

Then...my last bunny. 
My dad and I called it 'The Blob.'

And I played with The Blob for a bit. So fluffy.

What did I think? 
It was fun. And I liked it. It was a good first trip to a rabbit cafe. Or any animal cafe. 

After that, we left. That's simply it. We had a flight to catch to Singapore.