Liebster Award

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I have actually done this before on my other blog. Thank you to Chioma for the nomination! Here's her post! I'm happy to be nominated for this award! 

Here are the Rules

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate at least 3 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • Ask them 11 new questions

1.) Who is your most hated fictional character?

Dolores. Freaking. Umbridge. Just hearing her name makes me angry. 

Making people wear pink is a transgression in my book. And saying 'On Wednesdays, we wear pink' makes you sound like you got booted off the set of Mean Girls.

2.) What do you like to do other than blog?
I'm also into manga. I took a break, but I'm reading it now! That's what counts. 
I have a love of desserts. I will devour any dessert you set in front of me. Om nom! 
I am in karate as well. Orange belt, bro!

3.) Why do you read?
Why? I guess it's to escape. The world is a terrible place. With reading, you can dive into someone else's hellhole for a few hours and forget the hellhole you live in.
If that answer is too dark for you, here's another answer. I read because books open up different worlds to me. I learn things through books. Books are my closest friends, but they're also my teachers.

4.) If you had to tattoo one book quote to your arm, what quote would you choose?

The quote I'm thinking of is Liam's proclamation 'Carpe the hell out of this diem.' (From Alexandra Bracken's magnificent The Darkest Minds series.)

Just imagine that tattooed on your skin.

5.) Who are your top 3 favorite bloggers?
Oh man...I have to choose? Sigh...
Brittany from Books Addict's Guide
She's such a sweetheart. She'll help you when she can. She even gave me an interview
Asti and Kelly from Oh, the Books! 
These two are quite awesome. Both are very kind and nice people. Their posts are awesome, and they've created some awesome features. 
Stephanie from These Paper Hearts
Ah, Stephanie. My first blogger interviewee. (See the interview here.) She was very helpful. And I love her coding posts. Definitely helpful for novices to coding like moi. 

6.) Are there any books you would consider to be your guilty pleasures?
Uh...what's considered a guilty pleasure? It's not like I read racy books or anything. I'm not like that. So I don't really have a guilty pleasure book. Probably not the answer you were expecting. Oh well.

7.) What is your favorite movie?
Meet the Robinsons without a doubt. Everything about this movie blows me away constantly. The animation. The story. The theme of family. I honestly can't speak negatively about this movie. I always tear up when I watch this movie. 
And it has some of the most quotable lines. 

8.) What is the best thing that has happened to you, since you started blogging?
Mmm... This is a toughie. So many amazing things have happened. I've met some amazing people. I've gone to BookCon. I've gotten free books. (Heh heh. That's just me being materialistic.) 
So...I can't say it's just one thing! Everything has been amazing. I love being a book blogger.

9.) What food could you eat everyday and never get tired of?
Haha. Can it be a category instead? I would love to eat dessert. I adore dessert. Ice cream. Cupcakes. Tiramisu. Mmm... I'm hungry now. 
If not dessert...maybe gai dan zai (or what I call the inverted waffles.) That stuff is AMAZING. So fluffy... So sweet. 

10.) How did you come up with your blog name?
Well... I wanted to do a travel blog, but I also wanted a book blog. I tried many different combinations. Traveling Books, Traveling With Books, and etc. I wanted to reference books in my blog name as well as travel. This ended up being Books in My Suitcase. 
Not the most interesting story, right?

11.) What book changed your life?
Changed my life? Uh. That's hard. I have to think for a bit. 
No book immediately comes to mind because books don't really change my life. 
You know what? I'm going to say The Unbound by Victoria Schwab. It might seem like an odd pick, but I have a reason. 2013 was a hard time for me. When I was coming out of my funk, The Unbound was there for me. I was looking for something to reassure me. I was looking for someone to connect to. Mac was there, and I connected to her.  
To quote my review of The Unbound:

And I love how the story adds in real elements. This isn’t a story about the Archive anymore. It’s about Mac and her mind and her life. [...] It’s something more. I felt as if her parents thinking she ‘self harmed’ was an odd but nice touch. Not many authors outside of the realistic genre write about self harm and depression and suicide. [...] And…I appreciate it a bit more. It’s rare to find in a fantasy or dystopian book. And it’s nice because not everyone acknowledges suicide. These types of books, unexpected darkness, show that authors aren’t just writing all about kickass characters. They are also writing about the emotional struggles.

Alright. Here are my questions for the people I tagged:
1) What's your favorite series?
2) Have you ever met an author? If yes, which one(s)?
3) Who is the funniest author? 
4) Do you have any signed books? If yes, which ones?
5) What book influenced you the most as a kid?
6) Which book world would you like to go into?
7) What book turned movie did you hate the most?
8) Ebooks or tangible books?
9) What is your favorite movie in general? 
10) What's your favorite TV show in general? 
11)Who is your role model? 

Since I don't KNOW that many small book blogs, I won't tag many people. 

If you see this and haven't done it yet but want to, go ahead and do this! I can tag you as well!
1) Sarah at Enchanted by a Book
2) Samantha, Jessie, and Ashley at Spines and Covers
3) Christina at Books and Prejudice
4) Nicole and Sophia at Quality Fangirls


  1. I've heard so many great things about Victoria Schwab. I really want to read one of her books.
    Also, that's awesome that you went to BookCon. It always looks like so much fun!
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

    1. She's a great author. Great work. I adore 'The Archived'.
      It was fun! I got a lot of books! I have a giveaway going on. You should go check it out!

  2. I guess I should have explained the 6th question better. By guilty pleasure I meant more of books you like to read that you would not necessarily like to tell everyone about. Lets say for example if you really liked reading My Little Pony (not even sure they make those). I am into mangas as well! Omg and your quote is the best. Those desserts look REALLY GOOD.

    1. Well. I don't really have that either. I'm proud that I read. Sure, some might have sex scenes, and I might not be used to that, but I'm not shy about telling people about my books.
      Which mangas do you read?!?!
      Thanks. I really liked that quote in general.
      They are! Some places make them taste like waffles.