Tips to Help You Control Your TBR Monster

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tips to Help You Control Your TBR Monster

My TBR is a monster. I have to constantly feed it. It wants boookkkss to eat. It devours words, its teeth stained with ink. 
So I constantly give it books to feed upon. 

Every reader has a TBR monster. Some are satisfied with only 100 books. Some are ravenous and require 200 or 300 books. 

It's hard to tame your monster. 

You may feel like quitting. 

You may feel depressed. 

You may feel like locking your monster up.

But you can conquer your monster.

Here are my tips to help control your unruly TBR:

You can DNF books. This means you can say, 'Nope. I don't like this book' and put it down. 
And if you're wondering, 'What if I need to write reviews!', the answer is you write a review about why you DNFed the book.
I don't DNF. For me, I like to finish books. Not for just the finality but also because the book might be amazing in the end. If no, that's okay. If yes, awesome.

 Update your TBR list from time to time. Go through the books you marked as to-read. Do you want to read it? Make sure you do before getting that book! 
Are you sure you want to read that book from your childhood for the ninth time? Are you sure that book is right for you?
At times when I have many TBR books, I update my TBR. And I can eliminate a few books. Which is great for me. 

If you get many books at one time, you can definitely put some on hold for later. 
I do this when I get too many books at once. I will return a book to the library or put it aside until I have more time. 

You don't need to finish the series. If you don't like book one, drop it. 
I used to read the entire series. Even if I didn't like it. 

(Translation: drop it like it's hot.) 

I hope I was able to help you control your TBR monster!

How do you control your TBR? 


  1. I have a hard time DNFing books, but I know I should do it more often. I DO give up on series sometimes, though!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Yeah. It's tough. I'm like, 'I want to finish it! What if it's amazing!'
      I used to completely finish series, but I don't do that anymore.

  2. Bwahah I LOVE THIS! The gifs-and the last picture- were perfect! I have TBR woes as well. I am so bad at DNFing though! Even series- it has to be BAD for me to write it off. But I do, occasionally. I can think of a few series I am absolutely never finishing... and some that I still have some masochistic desire to continue even though I hated the book. WHY!? Why do we torture ourselves so? Great tips!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Thanks. I try my best. ;)
      DNFing is so hard for me. I'm like, ' could be amazing!' So I RARELY DNF. And even then, I typically just go back.
      Thank you, Shannon!