Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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This Week's Topic:

Top Ten of Your Auto-buy Authors

I first need to say this. I don't really buy my books. I get them from the library most often.
So this post is more along the lines of: Top ten of your auto-get-from-the-library authors. Just sayin'.


Maggie Stiefvater

I just love Maggie. She's my spirit animal. She's hilarious. She's a great artist and a great writer. And she's utterly random! 
I get her books not only because I love her storytelling skills but also because I love her personality.  
If I ever meet Maggie, I'm sure I'll pass out. 

Victoria Schwab/VE Schwab

This lovely pineapple is AWESOME. She created my OTPFL (One True Pairing For Life) Mac and Wes. Her humor is on point. I love following her Twitter.
Her books are not only the things that draw me to her but also her personality. (Like Maggie.) I'm dying to meet her!

Marissa Meyer

I adore Marissa Meyer. Why? She's a fantastic storyteller. Her series The Lunar Chronicles brought my best friend Jenna and I together two years ago. We fangirled over Kai and cheered Cinder on! Whenever I see someone write about Cinder, I pounce and talk to them. (If I'm not being extremely shy, of course.)
Her storytelling skills are perfection. She creates magical worlds that captivate and enchant me.
And I want to meet her. So bad. I missed her at BookCon 2015, but I'll find a way... -evil laughter-

Sarah J Maas

This girl...she's hilarious. I saw her at BookCon 2015, and I laughed so hard. She is so funny.
Her fantasy world from Throne of Glass is captivating, but she has a great personality as well!

Leigh Bardugo

This girl...ugh. I love her books. They're amazing. The romance is just perfect. (Love square, though?) She's such a great storyteller. And I really, really, really want to meet her. 

Marie Lu

I've met Marie before. She was such a dear. I love her books. Legend was another book that connected my best friend and I. 
And have you seen her art?!?! GORGEOUS. 

Susan Ee

Susan Ee is a special case. I feel a little biased because she gave me an ARC, but that is part of the reason why I would read any book she published. 
She was so nice about giving me an ARC, and some temporary tattoos. 

Kristin Cashore

One word: Bitterblue. 

Veronica Rossi 

My best friend and I bonded over Under the Never Sky. I have fond memories of that book. 
Her characters are really interesting, and her romances are very steamy. I can't wait for her next book!

Pittacus Lore

This is probably the only guy on this list. Wow. I was captivated by I Am Number Four and the thrill of these aliens' lives. It's interesting, and I can't wait to find out how their story ends! 

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