Why I Love Being a Blogger

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why I Love Being a Blogger

Being a blogger is amazing. I love being a blogger. There are many great things that come from being a blogger. Sure, it's disheartening at times, but it's my thing. I can say "I'm a book blogger!" And people just swoon. (Which I think is hilarious since I'm as small-time as small-time can be. Meh.) 

I love it because I've met amazing people. I've meet amazing Asti. And darling Mishma. The uber-awesome Cait. I've met hilarious Rachel and my sempai-forever (though she insists I call her -chan) Nori-chan. And cool Christina. (And if I didn't add you, OHMYGOSHIMSWORRRYY. It's either a) I ran out of adjectives or b) bad memory. Blame either one. Or neither. Or BOTH.) These are all my friends. I don't think I can forget them. They've made me laugh. Helped me along. They're my people. I would protect them as much as I would for Jenna or Noah or Claire. They're my friends. 
I've gotten the chance to go to amazing things. What do I mean? I've gone to BookCon 2015. I got to see Sarah J Maas in action. I got to see CECIL BALDWIN. (-fangirls-) My favorite radio host voice. (ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD.) I hope to go to BEA one day. I never realized there was the Miami Book Fair until I got onto blogging. I found so many opportunities. I got to meet Marie Lu and Rick Yancey. I even went to one event for the Epic Reads tour. (And it was a BLAST.) I got chances that I never had before. All because of book blogging.
I've discovered stunning books. It's crazy. My TBR exploded. I get to see my favorite reviewers talk about books. I get to see their perspectives. I read some books just because of blogging. (Doesn't mean I enjoyed them.) I read The Wrath and the Dawn because of the hype. And The Accident Season. Blogging gave me the chance to access different books. (In ARC or published form.) 

I've just had so much fun. I can't wait for the years to come! 

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  1. Omgggg. I FEEL SO SQUISHILY SPECIAL AND HAPPY RIGHT NOW, WREN. YOU ARE THE NICEST. (Well sometimes you are the nicest. When you're not entertaining deluded thoughts about ruling or anything.) I love blogging for SO many of these reasons too!! I haven't "met" any authors IRL, but I've tweeted some of them and had them reply (!!) and I've just met sooo many online reading friends, and it's just really exciting to read new books and flail about their shininess. I LOVE BLOGGING. This post = I relate so much.

    1. Haha. Love you too, Cait.
      (Hey! We can totally dominate the world TOGETHER. That makes 100x more sense than trying to do it separately.)
      I love meeting authors. I met Julie Murphy and Leigh Bardugo recently.
      So. Nice. Both of them. And I selfied with Julie Murphy. We look fabulous.
      I wish I could meet you one day! (I might meet my lovely waifu Mishma at BEA if I can find an adult blogger to take me. Sigh. The struggles of being a minor. :( Oh well! I'll find someone!)

  2. Thank you so much for taking part in the hop with us! It's so great to see why you love blogging!