Hello, I'm Wren: Blogger Positivity Project

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Introduce yourself and your blog!
-taps mic- 

Testing testing one two three. You can hear me? -ear splitting squeak- Guess so. I'm Wren. I'm your amazing host at this blog. I'm probably insane with a hint of awesome. Wait. Who am I kidding? I'm totally awesome. I adore books. And Welcome to Night Vale. And anime. And jackets. And dessert. Told you I was insane.

Where do you blog from?

The comfort of my own home. Sigh...I wish. I do it everywhere with WiFi. I've been in HK, Japan, and NYC. I've blogged from cafes to libraries to the business center at my apartment complex. I'm versatile.

Who or what made you the reader you are today?

Hm...I can't really say. A tough question. I'll say book blogging for sure. It changed how I read and whatnots.

Who or what made you decide to create a book blog?

Will I sound narcissistic if I say ARCs? Okay. Here's the truth. I wanted ARCs. Like...bad. Real bad. That changed as I started to get to know people in the blogging wold. I now blog because I want to people book people and have fun.

What are your thoughts on the blogosphere today?

It's a little dismal, honestly. The author stalkings. The ARC envy. (Not that I don't have ARC envy. I do.) It's saddening sometimes. But that's our world, right?

5 random facts about you?

1) I like dessert
2) I am a green belt in TKD/karate.


3) I have a bit of a jacket fetish.
4) I'm in tech theater in school right now. Not at this moment, though. Haha. Funny.

5) I don't use my phone a lot. Or like...at all.

5 favorite books you’ve read and loved?

These are NOT my favorites. Not all my all time favorites at least. I might as well give you a link to all my five-star reviews if we're doing all time favorites. These ARE some of my favorite books that I've read. And that I can remember. Haha.
The Archived by Victoria Schwab
The Way We Bared Our Souls by Willa Strayhorn
Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone
Dumplin by Julie Murphy
Vicious by VE Schwab

5 favorite book bloggers! 

Just five? Can't I just put: all of the above and drop the mic? -weeps-
Fine. I have to do a list. FINE.

This lovely little duck. Okay, she's more like a fluffy, spiky ball of awesome.

One is Mishma from Chasing Faerytales. I feel a little biased here. Mish dear is my Schardas other half. (We are parents to some lovely fictional children.) She is BY FAR one of my favorite people in the world right now. And maybe for the future. She's kind and funny. And she fangirls awesomeness with me.

Aw... Aren't they cute???

Asti from Oh, the Books is really a teaching figure to me. Kinda. She's always nice to me and tries to help me out the best she can. I appreciate that. And she writes some awesome posts. And hosts the Bookish Games!

No. This is not Nori...

Nori from Read Write Love 28 is my Nori-chan. She is all awesome and cute and funny. And she hosts an awesome chat. Plus three points for loving anime.

Look at those evil eyes... Grrr.

Cait from Paper Fury is my opponent in the race to be World Dominator. She's great at writing and a fast reader. The two of us joke a lot. I feel really close to her.

Haha. Love the awkward, not-human profile pic. Wait...my Twitter pic is a cat too... Oh.

Brianna and Angelina from OtakuTwins Reviews totally are two people. But I'm putting them as one for now because they co-blog together. (Not because I think twins are one person!) I love their writing. They are both so nice to me. And their dog is friggin adorable.


  1. Hey Wren!! I'm so glad you took part in this campaign because I'm now obsessed with your writing. Just the dry sense of humour and the constant sarcasm - I love it. I feel I'm sorta like that, but when I write it just all disappears and I everything is super duper serious... Hm...

    Definitely looking forward to reading more of your posts both in this campaign and just in general :)

    1. Haha. Thanks. Sarcasm doesn't translate well for me in real life, though. Hilariously. I do have a cynical, dry humor thing going for me, though. I like being dark and brooding.

  2. Yeah! So glad you're taking part in this too Wren - it's such a great campaign. :) I do theatre too, but on the performing end of things. It must be really interesting to work as a tech crew member though - seeing the show come together literally right before your eyes must be a really great experience. And wow...a black belt in karate? That's amazing! Thanks for sharing all this and, as always, fabulous post! Can't wait to read your next post on Friday! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    1. That's so cool. I hope to help out next time for the February play. I want to do deck crew. The silent, all-black-wearing people who move the stuff. Props and all. Haha.
      And I'm not yet a black belt. Still green. (No seriously. It's called a green belt. Thought I was making a joke, did you? Haha.)

  3. TKD?! That's super cool, Wren. :D

    Vicious!! The synopsis does not do the book justice but the book truly surprised me. & Victor. <3

    Mish Mish! Haha local bloggers for the win. :) & Cait seems to be crowd favorite too.

    It was nice 'meeting' you, Wren! ;)

    1. TKD is fun. You do any martial arts?

      Vicious is awesome. Mish and I are the parentals in the Schardas family. (The Schwab, Maas, and Bardugo characters. Our lovely kids who kill and pillage. Lovely, isn't it?) And Mish is MY DARLING. Haha.

      Nice meeting you too. ;)

  4. You do Taekwondo THAT IS AWESOME. Like you, I didn't use my phone too much because they all suck. My parents would often give me hand-me-down cellphones for emergency, and I was like: "What to do with this useless piece of junk?" :P But I changed my phone to a better one a few months ago, and I read book blogs too much in it that my mom always scolds me now for using the phone too much ^_^"

    LOL. Okay back to books. I have to read Dumplin'! Everyone's talking about it :P I feel so left out hahaha. Thanks for participating Wren!!