NaNo: How to get to 50,000 words

Saturday, November 14, 2015
How to get to 50,000 words

You may or may not know that I'm doing NaNo. Here's another post of my thoughts and tips for NaNo. 
This time, I'm talking about getting to that daunting 50,000 words. 

Here are my steps to getting to the 50,000 words.

1) Don't freak out

Because freaking out is the worst thing to do. You're probably freaking out, though. 

2) Candy

Candy will be good. Eat candy. Binge eat it. Who cares about weight?

3) Procrastinate

You're doing this also too. 

4) Stop procrastinating, get to work

As if. Working is for peons. Give it to your peons.

5) Watch cat videos

This is very productive. You'll be inspired. 

6) Make a wish with the NaNo gods
They may not be listening. The sacrifice requires your favorite candy bar and the first draft of your novel. And then you need to burn the candy and do the ritual dance (Gangnam Style) in front of the fire. Toss in your draft page by page. Make sure you have another copy of the draft. Digital or not. 

7) Words magically appear 
Because magic. MAGIC. 

8) Thank the gods and applaud yourself for your hard work (with food mostly)
Foods. Treats. Yay, you made it without dying. Huzzah

What are your steps for getting to 50,000 words?

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