Bloggers and Dragons: A Fun-Filled Blogger v. Blogger Game

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The dynamic duo at Otaku Twins Reviews sometimes have good ideas. Especially if I help them.
Kidding, I love you both. 
But we both came up with the idea for Bloggers and Dragons. 
You're probably all confused now and thinking, 'Can Wren just hurry up?' The answer is no, I can't. Okay...maybe I can.

What in the world is this, Wren? 

Well, you're sounding crotchy today. It's a blogger v. blogger game of SURVIVAL. Kill or be killed, dude. 
I'm awful at jokes, aren't I?
This is a lovely game where you are put on a team of bloggers. You and your fellow teammates will create a squad of book characters to fit a certain environment. By environment, I mean setting. And to put it in D&D terms, it's a dungeon. Do the settings/environments/dungeons stay the same each week? NOPE. (Haha, sucker.) Every week will have a different dungeon.
And you won't get to keep any characters you've already used. So choose your characters wisely.

Still confused? 
Here is everything put simply.
You+other bloggers (a team) make a squad (of book characters) to fit a certain environment. 
Like D&D but you get to choose who's on your squad.
Each week will have a new dungeon.
And you can't reuse characters from a previous dungeon.

And...blogger versus blogger? Excuse me! EXPLAIN.

Hold your pitchforks. You're sounding like a Dalek. Take an emotions pill. Better?
Also...don't kill the messenger. Okay...I'm more of a Gamemaker than a messenger. Still, I'd rather keep my heart beating and my soul inside this bag of skin and bones. 
It's each team of bloggers for themselves. A fight to the death. (Okay. Not the death. Maybe...mild humiliation is it.) 
You'll be up against the rest of the teams of bloggers to see whose team fits the scenario the best. And how is the best chosen? Wait, and I'll tell you. You want the answer now? Check out the 'How  does a team win' question. 

How many people to a team? How many teams? Teams teams teams.

Goodness. You're a team player, aren't you? No? Well...this is awkward.
We don't know! It all depends on how many people sign up! So get all your friends to sign up. Forcibly. Okay, maybe just threaten one book.

How does a team win?

So there's a dungeon each week, right? All the dungeons require a new squad. And these squads will be up for vote by your bloggy peers.
Yes, it's a voting contest by the people. (By the people and for the people, am I right?)
The team with the most votes (aka people think their squad would survive best in the dungeon) wins! 

I wanna join! When is this?

We have no clue. No seriously. We're thinking sometime during the summer, but we want YOU to choose. (Aka we're too lazy to figure it out. I'm kidding.)

How can I sign up? 

We have the perfect link for you.

And if you want a more...energetic version of this, check out this link.

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