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Sunday, January 17, 2016

25877205Identity Crisis

Author: Melissa Schoor

When curvaceous Annalise Bradley’s scandalous freshman year hookup sparks the anger of her female classmates, three of them decide to get her back by "catfishing" her, creating a fake online profile of the perfect boy to toy with her affections.

Against her better nature, introverted Noelle Spiers, goes along with her friends’ plan, hoping to distract Annalise from dreamy Cooper Franklin, her lifelong crush who has fallen for Annalise instead.

As Annalise discovers she is being played and seeks revenge, Noelle increasingly regrets her role in the cruel hoax and tries to salvage their relationship.

Told in alternative perspectives, IDENTITY CRISIS covers romance, betrayal, and timeless friendship in the age of modern technology.

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City of Identity
Who are you? That's the slogan for this town. It's a town of mystery and fake love. The people in the town lie, but they have good reasons to. At least that's what they tell themselves. There are music festivals often, and people compete to get the singer's attention.
But underneath it all, there is revenge.
"I gobbled this book up. It was an interesting book. I couldn't put it down. I had to keep reading. Why? I'll tell you.
"The characters were fascinating. Especially the character development. Annalise had a troubled past. Thing is none of it was her fault. It's not like she could control her dad cheating or people assuming she was itching to jump into Amos's pants. Everything with her Freshmam Fling incident was a misunderstanding. Two things. One, she was only a freshman. That's insanely young for all of this to happen. Two. These things don't typically happen in teenage life. I haven't heard of these things before, but I'm not a typical teenager. And Noelle was so unassuming. You wouldn't think she'd do any of this. I honestly think she did care for Annalise. She started to stand up for herself, and I really liked that. People shouldn't let themselves be walked over. Her change was invigorating. It made me want to change. Just a little. But I'm a stickler for consistency.
"I loved the emphasis on friendship. Maeve's friendship with Annalise was subtle, but Maeve cared for Annalise and didn't want her (Annalise) hurt. It was sweet that Maeve cared so much for her friend. Their friendship reminded me of my best friend and I. They stuck together. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Eva's gang. Poor Noelle was roped into that mess. I despised, and still do, people like Eva. She wasn't a good friend. She dragged Noelle into catfishing Annalise. For what? Revenge? That's extremely rude no matter now you look at it. I would hate to be in a friendship like Noelle and Eva's. I'd be so submissive like Noelle, though. That's the sad thing. Maybe I would end up fighting. But things would be like they were for Noelle in the beginning.
"The ending was satisfying. The epilogue really tidied things up. I loved how Annalise and Noelle ended up. And Cooper. Him too. That little rascal got it good. I felt like there wasn't anything more. Nothing to add. Sure, the Brass Knuckles scandal was a tad annoying and a tad rushed, but I didn't particularly mind. The friendships built were great. I really liked it. And Noelle standing up for herself and publicly apologizing? Perfect. Not that it'd happen in real life, though.
"Plot wise, this book was a little lacking. It wasn't that the plot was slow or anything. It was a little rushed if you ask me. Things happened too fast. They met. They flirted. They discovered the truth. I wanted things to slow down. Life doesn't happen that fast. Relationships don't happen that fast. If things were slower, that would have been better."

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You sparkle
You shine
Your cheekbones
But a pretty face does not mean a pretty heart.

There’s just no inner beauty
Where is your inner beauty?
Without some inner beauty
You’re a perfect waste of time.


Melissa Schorr is the YA author of GOY CRAZY (Hyperion 2006) and IDENTITY CRISIS (forthcoming, Merit Press 2016), and a contributor to the YA anthology DEAR BULLY.
She is currently a contributing writer/editor to the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. Her freelance work has appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, People, Self, San Francisco magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. 
Melissa currently lives in Boston with her husband, her daughters, and her dog, Bailey.


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