I'm That Weirdo Who Makes a Lot of Events: Things to Look Out For in 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016
So it's the beginning of January, and I'm here to introduce you to some cool events I have planned for 2016. I might add more because I adore events, hosting or participating. And if you have any events planned, please contact me over email or on Twitter. I'd love to participate.
And here we go.

I have TWO events for June. It's going to be a cool month. Trust me.

June: BiblioSummerSwag
This is a gift exchange, much like Secret Santa in December. But in June. I thought it'd be a great 'congrats on getting through the month' sort of thing. 
This will be international and for all ages. Please get parental permission if you're under thirteen, though. I don't want anything bad happening to you younger kids. Don't corrupt your innocence. 
You don't need to be a blogger or anything. Just talk about books in some way. It can be that you Tweet about books or you have a booktube. I don't want someone to be in a trade with someone they can't find gifts for because the other person doesn't like books! 
The sign up for this will come out mid-March. I'm not sure of the exact date.
For this, I need one or two hosts. I don't know if I can do this alone. Again, I'll still go through this if there aren't any other hosts. But if there aren't at least some people, I can't do this event. So tell your friends and followers! If you're interested in being a host, email me with the subject: BloggerSummerSwag: Host. My email is wrenthereader@gmail.com
And if you want to get on the newsletter, here you go

June: Japanese June
I can't wait for this! This is going to be so exciting. It's a three week long event with nine posts that will skim the waters of manga and anime.
Sadly, I don't need any hosts for this. This is a personal project. 
I'll be talking about the basics of anime and manga and some Japanese culture and some Otaku culture. Can't wait for this!

July: InterBlogCon
InterBlogCon is happening! Woot woot! I’m getting some excitement for this, and that is definitely great.
InterBlogCon stands for International Blogger Convention. It’s an online convention happening in July. I hope that people will get together and meet each other and learn things. (Book or blogger wise.)
I’m not quite sure of all the logistics yet, but there will be classes and giveaways and chats. And two contests. (Cosplay and fan art.) So stay with me.
If you’d like to be a moderator (who watches over the chats) or a host (who runs the event with me) or a teacher (of a session/class/breakout-session/whatever-you-call-it-it-has-no-official-name-yet), please email me with the subject: InterBlogCon: I’d Like to Help. My email is wrenthereader@gmail.com
If you’d like to subscribe for information on InterBlogCon, here’s the link.

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