In Another World: The Grishaverse

Thursday, January 28, 2016
Graphic by Claire from Cover to Cover
You may or may not know that I am a fan of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I love the different types of Grisha. Now, wouldn't my characters be cool as Grisha? Or at least in the Grishaverse?
I'll be calling upon some of my darker contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction stories. I haven't finished writing any of these except The King of the Crows (which is a short story.)

Trixie from Trixie's To Do Before You Drop Dead List (NaNo 2015): Inferni
Trixie is that sort of person your mother always told you to stay away from. She has a free-spirit personality and isn't afraid to do whatever she wants. Even if that means someone is caught in her dust. She has a hot temper and a barbed tongue. Definitely a trouble maker. Especially when she gets married (illegally) on the Vegas Strip.
It's not that Trixie means to be destructive to the people around her. It's that she doesn't understand that she's doing it.

Ravenda from The King of the Crows: Squaller
Squallers work with air and wind. Ravenda is the king of the crows. Makes sense, doesn't it?
Enough said.

Dyvian from Ravensoul: Healer
Even though Ravenda and Dyvian are supposed brothers, there aren't many commonalities with these two. Ravenda is aloof and sarcastic. Dyvian can't hurt anyone with his words or attitude. Dyvian is the kinder of the two brothers. He is always ready to hug or smile at someone. He is the sort of person who'd do anything to help you.
And that's why he's a healer.
Completely unrelated side note! Ravensoul is ever-changing and always has been. You should have seen it in its early stages. It's completely different from what is happening with it now.

Maximum Dodd from Unnamed Time Travel Story: Alkemi
Maximum Dodd is a wacky, the Doctor-esque person. He's scatterbrained but a genius. The 'improver of time travel' since he made it safer and easier to come by. He works well with his mind. The physical world is something that confounds him, though. (That's why he's not a Durast. Durasts use solid objects to create.)

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