The 100 Season Three Episode Four 'Watch the Thrones' Group Review

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fable’s Library (Angelina and Brianna) joined up with The Bookmato Chronicles (me!) in writing a group review of The 100’s season three, episode four.
(In case you're wondering, the twins and I switch off editing the review/mess. So that's why it's different.)

For those of you who don’t know, The 100 airs on Wednesday on The CW at 9/8C.
Also, be prepared for spoilers! Though, the Parents Guide (From Worried Teens) only has mild spoilers :)

Wren: Are you ready for this?
Twins: No *holds on to everything* never ready NEVER

Episode #4 Summary:
Queen Nia of the Ice Nation enters Lexa’s domain and challenges her authority. When this happens the rulers pick someone to fight for them, in their place, to the death. Nia picks her son, the prince, and Lexa choses herself. While this is happening, Clarke joins up with Prince Roan to make him King of the Ice Nation. Does this plan work out? Well...go watch the episode to find out :)
Meanwhile, Jasper and Monty sneak out of Arkadia to give a proper memorial for those who’ve died thus far. Jasper is a haunted image of what he once was (he’s changed so much since the first season) and Monty realizes this. Their friendship is put to the test. Will it last?
Also, while all this is going down a rebellion type group rises among the Sky people. Bellamy, and his good intentions, is dragged into the horrid mess. These people now believe that the Grounders are the enemies. One of them is named the new Chancellor (great idea Marcus *I say sarcastically*)
(Wren: WHOA. Hold on. This sounds like Ottomans/Japanese v. Europeans. WHOA. WHAP is useful for once!) Wat...what about Kane?!?! Kane’s good with people! Charles dude is not.
Twins: ugh no. NO he's got the least amount of experience with these grounders and this land
What's his name? Charles?

~On A Random Note!~
Twins: British accents always sound so weird compared to American accents o.o crazy
Wren: Isn’t that always true…
The twins become shocked: Random thought, Bellamys hair looks different o.o
Wren: Fluffy curls looks the same.

Wren also gets caught up on the hair situation…
Wren: Why does Clarke’s hair look longer?
I don't know o.o crayyyyzyyyyy
We all get caught up in their outfits!
Twins: I like Lexas outfit, another random thought
Wren: I also love the outfits now
Brianna dubs Marcus a hippie...

The twins get confused about Queen Nia. When did she get to Lexa’s place? Did the ice queen let herself get caught?
Lexa burns possible ice queen, saying that in the battle for death, no one fights for her since she's the commander AND the ice queen so (selflessly, I might add) threw her son under the bus, now he gets to fight to the death! Yay! I imagined the ice queen to look more royal, elegant and composed...
Wren agrees by shouting, BUURRNN.
Then she adds...
She’s a bad mother.
The twins agree.

The twins also get confused as to how Jasper survives Mt. Weather...Somehow he survived the bomb, even though he was inside. Perhaps they forgot the moment where he left? Did he leave? Did they show that? But they aren’t sure.

Wren: Jasper and Monty tension. They were so good friends...once.

Twins: So sad T.T their relationships have changed so much. Friends are now enemies and enemies aren’t as bad as they once were. Talk about dynamic characters, am I right? Or am I right?
Wren: Monty is such a good friend. He stuck with Jasper.
Oh. Finn’s? Saving them for Clarke? Why Clarke? Why not Raven???
Oh. Monty… -hugs-
Jasper is taking this all wrong…
Twins: Monty is not fine and that breaks my heart, him and Jasper are fighting...
Wren: I have so much love for Monty right now.
Brianna: drunk Jasper is no fun…. :(

Then, of course we’ve got sass master Clarke. She continues to be sassy to Lexa, she just doesn't want to trust a little boy. Clarke to Lexa “do you ever talk about anything other than your death”
Wren: But I lurve talking about my death

Brianna, yet again states her opinion on Clarke. She thinks Clarke is being very manipulative. Her manipulative energy is showing its true colors more and more as time progresses.

The Sky people continue to be fools. They’ve learned nothing, apparently… Anger is their policy? Look where that got them. Now their going to kick Lincoln out? He's done nothing but help?
Things get tense between them and the Grounders, suddenly the tension is thick and something’s about to go down...

Wren: Thought he was going to drop some mad rhymes. AWww.
LINCOLLNN. You are so not an enemy.
Twins: Rap battle right now.

Twins: On another note, why's ice queen mad at lexa, and when do they have time to learn their languages?
Wren: The epic Missing Three Month Period.

Wren: Nia and Clarke have a nice little talk. With knives and blood. The Grounders become the enemies of Azgeda now. Wow.
Twins: Kind of sounds like Asgard…

Twins: I like how they speak in their own language and use subtitles :) its so cool
Wren: It’s like subbed anime. ;)
Twins: Yeshhhhhhh. :D

BUT, even though Clarke is cold this season, she still cares. She looks so worried for Lexa during battle to death beginning
Wren realizes something important, something she doesn’t like... Lexa is a badass fighter. I hate her. But I have to admit that.
Twins: Yeah, you go girl! Slowmo fights.

THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENS: SHOOT PLOT TWIST, everyone is shocked, they don't know how to react.

Sadly, Bellamy makes, what we think to be, mistakes…
I know Bellamy has good intentions.
But yeah, he tries to do what's best...
I love that he does try. But he gets wrong.

Wren: It’s a story line. Where is it?
Twins: Maybe they'll explain it in season 4...

Parental Guide (from worried teens):
Wren: Psh. I can handle this stuff. ;)
-This episode contains blood and an intense battle.
-(Spoiler) the Ice Queen is speared in the heart, there’s blood.

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