Artistic Endeavors, Love (Or the Lack Therefore), Bingewatching Anime, and Angrily Ranting About Calculus Aka My February

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
I haven't done a monthly recap in so long. Oh man. I'm not even sure what to do...
I'll try to make this good! (Also, in my next recap, I'll add more pictures...)

Book Stuff

I read 10 books this monthly! And I'm working on the last one (number 11.) And I should do more book photography...why not?
I DNFed TWO books this month. Mostly so I could move on to better and brighter things.

Also, do you guys like less reviews? Because I do.

The Love That Split the World: Wasn't too bad. But it could have been way better. The hype was too much. My Review
The Memory of Light: Interesting...but not a favorite. The characters were...okay. I wanted more from this book.
Bones and All: The cannibal thing was pretty cool as a premise. The romance? Not so cool. My Review.
Between Shades of Gray: Okay. This was a school book. So I had to read it all the way through. Did I like it? No. Did I have to finish? Yes. It was terribly boring for a well-renown book. And there's a HUGE gap between the end of the book and the epilogue. No. Thank. You.
Unhooked: A DNF. First, I was swamped with books. Second, this book was just...I couldn't get into it. I tried really hard, but Peter Pan retellings don't seem to be my thing.
Sophie Someone: A DNF. The language was unbearable. I needed some sort of Sophie-to-English dictionary. I couldn't get past that.
Tell the Wind and Fire: This was supposed to be a cool book. Did I love it? Nope. Not at all. The Light and Dark thing turned me off immediately. Not to mention the awful love triangle and empty and Mary Sue protagonist. Nuh-uh.
Soundless: I wanted to like this book so much, but I couldn't. With the non-Asian-seeming characters and the confusing premise (Seriously, how can sound just 'disappear'? I don't believe their reasoning), I was completely not with this book.
This Raging Light: I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I didn't think I'd like it so much. The contemporary genre not my thing. But the characters and their relationships (not to mention the unrequited love) really drew me in. Bravo, TRL, bravo.
Symptoms of Being Human: This book...I was waiting for it. With my confusing life, I am currently pondering about gender. Specifically, my gender. And these sorts of books (about genderqueer people) make me so happy. Because they can help me figure it out. (Though, I'm still lost.)
Assassin's Heart: This is what I'm currently on. So it's technically not finished. Haha.'s not too bad. But I have a feeling I'm going to hate it soon enough.

Blog Stuff

The twins at Fable's Library and I began to do group reviews of The 100. And we started off with Season 3 Episode 3. Haha. We're weird. 
But you should check them out! And check out Angelina and Brianna's blog too!

And, surprisingly, my Truthwitch review got a lot of comments. Because...reasons? And, just saying, it wasn't a positive review...

I did 15 posts this month. Seems like enough? I'm not sure... 
But I unveiled Tomato Talks my podcast discussion post thing...
Listen in!

And I did TWO anime-ish posts! You'll see more of these here at The Bookmato Chronicles because I luurrve anime!

And I've kinda given up on these yearly book and blog challenges. I just can't keep track anymore...

Event Stuff

Well, I created the VElites! Check it out. It's a street team for the amazing Victoria Schwab. The second newsletter comes out today actually! We'll have monthly newsletters, and anyone can join! 
The VElites had their very first event: A Magical Party! We have a few people turn out, but I don't care if there's 2 or 20 people. I'm so happy people came! Tune in for the next event!

Check it out here! (This sends you to the page with some info)

And on InterBlogCon and BiblioSummerSwag. 
IBC has been taking over my life. (SIGH) But we're getting more attention! 
If you wanna check out InterBlogCon/IBC, look here! And we always need more teachers! Please sign up
I haven't had the chance to do much with BSS. SORRY. But we do have some info here.

Anime Stuff

I didn't keep track of the animes I watched. I will start doing that now, though.
  • I was creeped out by Danganronpa. But I secretly loved the punishment scenes. But the main character honestly made me so mad. Danganronpa is a psychological anime about these fifteen kids who have to kill or be killed. (Basically.)
  • I finally finished Toshokan Sensou. And I admit that the artwork is not the best, but the story is quite amazing. As is the premise. I mean...these guys are pretty much fighting librarians. Isn't that awesome? This show is about the Library Force which protects art (in all different forms) from the censorship of the Cleansing Force. (Probably butchering the names, though. It's been a while...)
  • I watched the wonderful Natsume's Book of Friends. And positively loved it. I cried at (almost) every episode. It was very moving and wonderful. Might continue with this series. This show focuses on Natsume Takashi (I'm using the Japanese way of saying his name. In English, it's Takashi Natsume.) He can see youkai (or spirits) and is going around releasing them from the servitude his grandmother Natsume Reiko (or Reiko Natsume) put them under in the Book of Friends. This is episodic in nature, (aka not much of an overarching story) but the characters and relationships will bring you to happy tears.
  • Then I moved onto the action Aoharu x Kikanjuu. And I got made at the anticlimactic ending. But I loved the main character Hotaru. And genderbender animes are SO COOL. Hotau is a girl, but she fights with two dude adults in survival games. But both adults Yukimura and Masamune have their own problems (especially with the Dr. Midori.)
  • And I finally finished off my anime watching with Subete ga F ni: The Perfect Insider. It was (again) a psychological anime about a genius programmer found dead. And some other geniuses have to solve her murder. (But, honestly, a non-genius like me saw it coming.)

And I might start doing anime reviews! I love anime, so I think it'd be cool to share with the world. What do you think? 

(Also, does anyone else hate how looks now? Because I do.)

Creative Stuff

I started to draw again! Not very well or anything. But I'm trying. I'm awful at drawing bodies and stuff, but my headshots aren't too bad... I think. 
I put some samples of my art below!

And I drew this while waiting for Marissa Meyer. 
This girl reminds me of Lila Bard. But she isn't anybody. I just got bored. And ignore the Lina. It means nothing.
Notice how my art slowly improves?

Life Stuff

Ah, life. How you annoy me so. 
  • For one, I missed a lot of tae kwon do classes. I think the staff is a bit annoyed with me. WHOOPS
  • I'm rage quitting Calc AB. It's just...soo hard. (I'm at volume using integrals.)
  • My mom and I hopped on a plane and flew to San Francisco for a weekend. It was really fun. I got to have some dim sum from Chinatown and had chocolate ice cream at Ghiradelli Square. Yummm.
  • School seems to be sending all the projects at me. (Chemistry. WHAP. Calc. English.) Is there no end?!?!
  • My school newspaper had a new print issue out! And my page designs are in there. Also with the newspaper thing, I was nominated for two awards! I don't know if I won them, though. Haha. And I'll be doing more graphics than writing now. They changed the story application process thing (like a story request), so writing has gotten way harder. For example, I'm doing an anime review, and I need EXTERNAL SOURCES. (Like other people!) And it's a not-so-well-known anime (or so I think). It's gonna be tough. The entertainment editor was all, "I won't edit it if there are no external sources." PSH. 

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