Cheating and Abandonment: A Gathering of Shadows fan theory

Friday, April 22, 2016

Alucard did something to Rhy. It's implied. Kell threatens Alucard and tells him not to hurt Rhy again. 
So what did Alucard do?
I have a few theories.

1) Cheating
This is the most likely option. After all, there is a lot of charged tension between Lila and Alucard. (Which I totally ship, by the way.) Alucard is such a playboy; it's highly likely that he cheated on Rhy. Probably for some pretty boy. I'm kidding. Alucard probably could worm his way out of the situation. Never said he wasn't cunning.
Hold up. Let's just imagine the consoling scene with Kell quietly patting his brother's back. Aw man. That calls for a fan fic, doesn't it?

2) Abandonment
This is also possible. Alucard is a seafaring man, after all. He could have jumped ship. Literally. You never know with pirates. They come and go. (I'm making a subtle The Girl From Everywhere reference here.) 

3) Birth Right Problems
Alucard is a lord. And Rhy is a prince. Doesn't that end up disastrous? I have a feeling that Alucard had to tell the truth and leave Rhy because it will never be.

4) Someone Found Out
For all you know, being gay in Red London is illegal. Even though I doubt it. (Not that it's mentioned or anything.) Someone could have found out, and Alucard, being the kind soul he is, could have had to break it off with Rhy
Because that's a great message to send to your kids...

What do you think? Why did Alucard break Rhy's heart? And what will happen next? 

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