Tomato Talks Episode 6: The Dance of the Multifandom Fangirl

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Today, I talk about multifandoms and how to juggle these multifandoms.

What is a multifandom fangirl? It's somebody who is into multiple things. By this, I mean anime and books or books and comics not Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.
Here I'm using fangirl as an umbrella fangirl. 

There are many combinations. I listen a few below. With focus on books being one.
Book anime
Book show
Book movie
Book video game

Book comic
Book music

Sometimes, it's easy for people to be part of two fandoms. These fandoms can be very intertwined. For example, Pokemon is a video game and an anime, and people can get into video games like Pokemon then get interested in anime.
But it doesn't always happen like this. (I got into anime because of manga. Yeah...bit of a long story. I told it here, though.)

But juggling this is super hard. (Trust me, I know.)
How do you do this? I give you four tips to help you juggle your fandoms.
1) Take a break from one fandom. Slow down with one fandom (for me books) and take in the new one. (Which is what I did.)
2) Allocate time for a certain fandom. Put aside an hour for a show and an hour for books if you have only two hours of spare time
3) If possible, do both at once. Maybe watch subbed anime and listen to an audiobook? If you can...this is a multitasking thing not everyone can do.

4) During a break, binge on one you have ignored (not advised...but you can still do it)

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