What Went Down: March 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016
Welcome to another weird monthly recap of The Bookmato Chronicles!
And not a lot of pictures...sorry. I'll try to have more pictures next time. Like me watching anime maybe? Hm...

Book Stuff

It's so completely sad that I've read only four books this month. 
But let me explain why! I've been going through a massive reading slump. All I want to do these days is to draw, write, and/or watch anime. Which, I might add, I have been doing. But, since anime takes superiority in this situation, reading gets the boot. It's super hard for me to read and watch anime. It's like asking someone to catch a ball and run around in circles. Impossible, you know? 
But the books I've read this month are pretty worth it. Or so I say.

My trying-too-hard-to-be-artistic picture

Into the Dim by Janet B Taylor: I'm not always a huge fan of time travel stories. Why? Because some things aren't done right. This book was well-researched, but I just couldn't get into the main character's story. Check out my review here. 3/5
A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Victoria Schwab. Her books are fantastic masterpieces, and AGOS is definitely amazing. I love being introduced to new characters and learning about the different sides of old ones. And the Elemental Games are pretty cool too. Review to come! 5/5
Riven by Jane Alvey Harris: This was a beta read from somebody I met in real life. It was a super awkward experience. I was a little too harsh, making edits from page one. But I tried to catch all the inconsistencies and grammar errors. So I hope the author forgives me! No rating. (Because it's a beta read.)
The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. I'm still working on this. But Kashmir? Totally adorable. And I really love the premise too! 

Blog Stuff

My Posts
This month was a pretty good month post-wise. I had a lot of stuff to post. It was pretty good. 
I participated in the Get Up Offa That Slump/Get Outta That Slump (I forgot the name...) blogging extravaganza. And I loved it! I tried to make my posts unique and weird. And I hope I accomplished that.

Blogosphere Posts
Per usual, I don't really have other posts to share... I'm a bad blogger because I don't like reading other blogs...
But...here are some.

Event Stuff
I hosted the Mid-Book Chat for the AGOS Readalong. And it was super fun! Thanks to all of those who attended! And remember, there's the end of book chat on April 2 at 8 pm EST

Anime Stuff

Ah, anime. I love you so. I watched a whole bunch too. And started doing...drum roll...anime reviews! 
Here's the first one of Terror in Resonance.

Terror in Resonance: A mildly okay anime. The girl was so completely useless, though. 2/5
Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There: I had high expectations for this anime. I thought it'd be AWESOME to see fantasy and military clash. But no, this was just another harem anime. But the main character was cool. I guess? 2/5
Antimagic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon: You can sum this anime up in one word. Harem. And I've realized that I positively hate harem animes. They get on my nerves. Especially ones like this with each girl feeling 'special' around the boy. He's playing you, sweethearts. Get a clue. Not to mention the fan service. Excuse me, but I didn't ask for more boobs. I dropped this anime, with two episodes left, because I couldn't handle it anymore. 2/5
Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun: I laughed so hard. (While my mom stared at me like I was a freak...which I am.) This didn't have much of a plot. But the side characters' relationships were so adorable! Review to come! 2/5
Snow White With the Red HairPeople have raved about this anime. But I didn't really see the intrigue. The romance is lackluster, and the main character makes me want to punch her. (As do many anime girls.) But...the art was fabulous. Review to come! 4/5
Daily Lives of High School Boys: If you like the short scenes and humor of Hetalia: Axis Powers, then this is for you! It's so funny. And it makes no sense. What I liked the best was the fact that this anime could be real. Someone's life could be like this. And that made it pretty cool. 3/5
Wolf Girl and Black Prince: Just...no. No no no no no. I can't tell you how much I hate this anime. The romance is the problem. (I'm fine with the art. Bishie boys will be bishie boys.) But the romance. -groans- The protagonist accepts the abusive situation. She doesn't try to back down or anything. She goes around like his slave, and it annoys me. She doesn't fight back. And she even falls for him. EXCUSE ME? And the guy isn't even tsundere anymore. He's just a sadist. Just...-rages- 1/5
Prince of Stride: AlternativeThis is Free! on land on crack. Or...parkour on crack. While I was screaming in joy on the first episode, I started to see cracks in this show. The girl is totally useless. (As are many anime girls.) While the art was amazing, and the underdog stance not too bad, I just couldn't get past friendship vibe. There are only a few animes that can pull off that amount of friendship, and those are One Piece and Fairy Tail. So no. 3/5
And Takeru looks too much like Haru from Free! in this photo.
Death Parade: Oh my gosh. This anime is amazing. I really loved it. It was captivating and deep and meaningful. The art wasn't the best, but the meaning behind it was fascinating. It makes me want to rethink my life. Review to come! 4.5/5 
ERASED: This anime, much like Death Parade is insane. I loved it! I loved the art. And the murder mystery. And the friendship! Even if the supernatural elements were lacking. 4.5/5
One PieceI didn't keep track, but I know I watched at least 20 episodes of this show. And I'm now in the 100s! Huzzah! One Piece is a show that is super hard to keep up with. Even if you put your all into it. It's just so long. (600+ episodes now.) But it's still funny and cute. No rating because I'm still working on it...

And Vivi looks super creepy in this.

Life Stuff

Not much happened to me. I guess...
  • Of course, I had spring break. And I watched a lot of anime. So that's successful, I guess.
  • And there were some family troubles. But I'm okay now.
  • I had a Calc test. Which is stressful... (And it was split into two parts. Which means more procrastination!)
  • And I am going to TKD more! So losing weight? Hm...good question.
  • I finally drew a successful 3/4 view for a head. I should start working on the body now.

  • My mom keeps buying snacks. And I have to eat them. -grumbles- (I'm going to gain so much weight...) 
  • I went to In-n-Out for the first time! Not that it was amazing or anything.

  • We're looking into buying a new car. The one we have now is as old as I am. That's pretty old. So we're looking at the Honda Civic and Honda Fit. My mom is leaning more towards the cheaper Fit which is quite spacious. (But I want the Mini. SOO BAD. My mom has hinted at buying it for me if I get into a good college. Good motivation, Mom.)
  • The editors at my school newspaper were conducting staffer evaluations. And my editor, the graphic editor, was all "You're so very diverse in what you do." (I do pages, graphics, AND writing. Fun times.) She was very kind and gushing about my progress and all. Maybe I'll run for page editor. (Graphics editor will be taken by the only graphics person who started in the beginning of the year.)
  • I Tweet out too much anime and Sims Freeplay stuff. Sorry! But not sorry. ;)

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