What Went Down: July 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

I Do Not Watch Too Much Anime (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

If you can watch TOO MUCH anime, I think I've hit that. This was the month where I officially started watching airing anime full-time. Not a few like last season. But a lot more.

I finished Tokyo Ghoul Root A. It was a pretty good anime. Not the best honestly. But not bad either. I missed seeing Kaneki and his side of the story, though, 3/5. Review here!
I also finished ReLIFE. This was an anime about a guy who is jobless who partakes in an experiment to make him look like a teen. It was very interesting? I didn't love it or hate it. 3/5 Review (on MAL) here!

I started a whole bunch of anime, though. Let's start with the ones I'm most hopeful for.
91 Days. This is such an amazing anime. It's about revenge, but the characters are great too. 
Orange. I LOVE THIS. It's so sweet and emotional. Not along the lines of, say, Your Lie in April. But the feellsss. It's about a girl who gets a letter from her future self. And she has to save a certain someone...or, at least, put her regrets to rest. 
Morose Mononokean. I know a LOT of people say this is only so-so. But I love it. It's so cute. And I don't mind looking at Abeno-san. He's good looking. And Fuzzball just makes my heart flutter. This anime is my Sweetness and Lightning

The following animes are pretty good. I like them. But they're not my favorites.
Amanchu People say this will be one of the best animes of the summer. I feel a little reluctant to say that. I've now gotten over Pikari's mild annoyingness and am enjoying the sweet moments between Teko and Pikari. But scuba diving animes have to show the sea. Or I'm out.
Kono Bijutsubu ni Wa Mondai ga Aru!. I was so excited for this one. But it's episodic plot almost made me drop it. The art club is weird. But I'm sticking for the possible romance right now. That's all.
Mob Psycho 100. People were so excited for this too. Me? I came along for the ride. But I'm not so impressed. The art style is definitely unique and something I'd stay for. But the episodic nature is a major turn-off. It seems like there are two storylines in one episode. Which is confusing for me. 
New Game. This is such a cute anime. It's all about moe girls doing video game stuff. I came for the female in animation job thing but stayed for the cuteness. I honestly might drop it if the plot doesn't pick up soon.
Bananya. This is just a cute anime. I watch it to blow off steam. Nothing more.

And these I dropped/put on hold.
Battery. I put this on hold. Takumi was such a whiner. His rudeness to literally everyone was a major turn-off for me. I couldn't stand him. Kageyama Tobio is one thing. Takumi Harada is another.
Hatsukoi Monster. This is just so gross. I felt so disgusted watching it. It's so juvenile. It has dick jokes. Not to mention the guy REALLY IS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. That's just wrong...no no no. Held back is one thing. That freaking tall and bishie in fifth grade is another. No. Just no.

And in case you're wondering, no, I'm not going to watch Berserk or Food Wars season two or anything. I'm not interested. Plus, I haven't seen Food Wars season one. >-<

If you like cute romance, check out Orange.
If you like unique art styles, check out Mob Psycho 100.
If you like revenge stories, check out 91 Days.

Eternal Book Devourer

Per usual, I read barely any books this month. Am I surprised? NOPE. But I might get back into the swing of things...

I read only THREE books. (I finished the last one on the last days of July.)

Spells and Sorcery by S Usher Evans. This wasn't a bad book. It's about a girl finding out she has magical powers. Which isn't new to the YA genre. But the magical history aspect was interesting and unique. That I did like. Even if Lexie was a little brat. I got this as an eARC from the publisher. 3/5
History Is All You Left  Me by Adam Silvera. This is about two guys who lost their love Theo. Yes, they shared a love but not in the way that you think. But Theo is dead now. And Griffin and Jackson have to live with that. This was the book I was most excited for. But I never knew it'd be this amazing. The relationship is so beautiful. The characters are so well-written. I can't believe I got a chance to read this. I got this as an ARC from BFest. 5/5
Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner. This book is about a guy who is a swimmer whose coach is an amputee...and whose first love is coming home (For some time.) It's an interesting story about pain and acceptance. But the overwhelming horniness of Otis and the huge emphasis on the romance with Meg was less than desirable. I would have preferred an emotional story between Otis and Dara with Meg cheering him on. But I do understand her (The author) perspective. 3/5

I Am A Boss Blogger (And This Is Proof)

My Posts

For BBCP 2016, my team Team Teal decided to do...book aesthetics! Here is my first one for Dumplin' by Julie Murphy. BBCP is the Book Blogger Creativity Project. It's mostly to spread LURVE about other book blogs (Or, in my case, ex-book blogs/maybe-current-book blog.)

Along with BBCP, I also was a part of SBPT! And here are the posts I've had on my blog so far. This is the Summer Blog Promo Tour to share LURVE about other bloggers!
And there's more coming!

And as I mentioned, I'm watching a lot of summer 2016 anime. So I did a few First Episode Tests. Part One. Part Two. And don't worry. I'm going to do a mid-season update when the time comes! 

And I did a post for Haikyuu! Aka my favorite anime. And it was a ship v ship battle. You can definitely play along if you want! Check it out here.

Blogosphere Posts
The Book World

The Anime World

Event Stuff
We had the VERY FIRST InterBlogCon! Thank you to everyone who attended! I hope to see more of you next year.
And don't forget that YOU could be a teacher next year too!

Daily Lives of High School Peoples (aka Wren)

  • It's summer. But I'm also taking community college classes. Yay dual credit... I'm taking sociology (BLEGH) and speech (Meh). I have to work on sociology after this post actually... And I probably shouldn't have put off the three essays until the end...but you know... I'm lazy.
  • I've gotten the app Amino. You can participate in many groups. I'm in the Haikyuu one, Anime Artists, Japanese School, Hetalia, and Anime ones. JOIN ME. My username is Wren. 
  • I got to go to an AWESOME book event held by the Irving Public Library. All other book events take note! We got to interact with the authors BEFORE the panel. It was a very personal experience. It was so amazing to talk to all the authors and get to know them. Authors are people too!
And that's it from me! Sorry for no pictures...I just didn't have any... :( 
Next time!

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