Yo. I'm Wren the (mostly likely insane) owner of this blog.
I suggest you turn back now. Still here? Great. Nice to meet you, stranger. Congrats on getting this far in life. You rock.

Wren-kun is your local hoodie demon. All offerings can be made out to The Cave. Anime stuff, books, and hoodies preferred. Food and snacks accepted. 
Wren enjoys long binge-watching sessions of anime and cute, tsundere-esque manifestations of countries (Romano for life.) Books are Wren's second life. Especially ones about badass heroes kicking butt and saving the world. (Or ones about normal people with normal people problems. There's a spectrum of genres Wren likes.) 
You can normally find Wren hiding in the dark with only the only source of light the glow from the laptop's screen. Or drawing awkward characters or writing awkward characters. Awkward, right?

And Wren is tired of talking about Wrenself in third person, you know? 

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