BookCon: Day Uno

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I don't know where to start.
My biggest problem? Missing the Marissa Meyer and Leigh Bardugo signing. I was so upset.
Here's what happened. I went there an hour before the signing to get a place in line. Plus, Leigh Bardugo had six ARCs of 'Six of Crows' to give to the first six people. 

I went to two panels. (As I said, my signing plans fell through. That's how I got some stuff. I had time to waste. 

The Faraway Lands panel was great. Marie Lu said some very deep things. Sabaa Tahir was such a sweetheart. She was so cute. I haven't read the other books, though.
It was an amazing thing.

Again. Blurry photos. Sigh... Why do I keep taking blurry photos?!?! 
See Marie Lu on the far right? She's so cute. Adorable. 
And Sabaa Tahir looks so bored. I wish I got a better shot. But Sabaa got that bored looking face after a while. I'm not sure why...

My favorite thing?
The Night Vale panel. It was perfection. Absolute perfection. 
Cecil's voice was calming. Soothing. Smooth. Luscious. 
It was amazing. 
I wanted to cry.
And the questions. Amazing! 
"How did we rope Cecil in?"
Ah. -fangirls- I loved the panel so much. And I can't wait for the book! 
-insert squeal-

(It's blurry. I know.) But Cecil. I didn't realize his voice was his voice. It was crazy. 

My overall reaction?
Less than pleased. The panels were great. Positively amazing. I loved them. They were beautiful. 
But the signings? Sadness. The ONE THING I wanted my notebook to be signed didn't happen. Not on day one. Maybe it'll happen on day two.

Book haul:
The following are the books I got:

Poster haul:
I didn't get a lot of posters. Probably because I came a bit too late. But still. Here's what I have: (all for giveaway)

Swag haul:
This is everything I got. Divided into two piles, the things I want and the giveaways.

The giveaway stuff. Yeah. It's crowded. I know. I didn't have space. 
The three rolled-up things are the posters. Yes. There are two Welcome to Night Vale samplers. I'm going to have more than one giveaway bag. (Or some like that.) 
Oh look. My computer...

And this:
My stuff. A bookmark. Some pins. A few books. I got Ruin and Rising from a friend who didn't want it. And some cool Epic Reads posters. (The mythology bubble map thing and the 365 chart.)

Some random statistics you may or may not want to know: 
Huh. Who knew? That's a lot of adults. Wow. I saw a lot of little kids and adults. Some teens as well. Not a lot, though. Which is odd to say the least.


  1. You're so lucky that you could go to BookCon! :) I live all the way in New Zealand, so I'd be almost impossible for me to go, although I have cousins who live in New York. :D You got some pretty cool stuff!

    1. Extremely lucky. My dad had points, so we stayed at a nice 4 star hotel. Whoop whoop!
      Aw. New Zealand seems fun, though. And you probably have things there too!
      Yeah. Some AWESOME stuff. Go and enter my giveaway! You might get some cool stuff yourself!

  2. I am so jelly you went to Bookcon. You got a really good haul. I plan on going next year.

    1. Thanks! I tried really hard to grab things. Like...a lot. I would be a ninja and swoop down and grab stuff. ;)

      It's in Chicago, so I may not go. Sigh... And it's closer to when exams happen for me. sucks. I rather go to YALLFEST or the ALA conference. Heh heh. Going to BookCon opened up the WORLD of book festivals and conventions!