BookCon: Day Dos

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wow. Today was amazing. I got a great book haul. It was so heavy. I had my dad come by and pick up my bags. (I had two full then.)
Today's book stuff haul ended up with around...two huge bags with two small ones with less heavy thing. The stuff is currently in two huge bags and two smaller ones. 

What did I do today? Lots and lots of showfloor time. I had fun running about.
I went by the Penguin booth a lot. Got a lot of samplers. And the Epic Reads booth. I got some books. And some posters. And the Macmillian booth had some things. Samplers as well. 

The one panel I attended was the Fierce is My Middle Name panel. 
It has to have been the most feminist thing I've ever attended. It was crazy. Every comment was about strong females and tough people. It was amazing actually.
I was lucky to be in the front row. 
They're comments. Talking about smut. And whatnot. These three were adorable. So funny. So kind. 
Sarah J Maas was amazing. So cute. She was very energetic, but she was kind and awesome. #whensarahjmaasretweetsyourtweet (It's pretty awesome.)

Before the panel. Looks so empty.

I took a picture of them laughing. They all look like they're having fun. And they were. Even the audience was having fun. So much applause compared to the Faraway Lands and Welcome to Night Vale panel. Crazy, right? 

Sarah J Maas is like, 'What.' And Rae Carson is making hand gestures. And the moderator looks extremely fascinated by every word Rae says. Love this picture.

Her face, though. It's so funny. Caught her at the right moment. ;) 

I had to add this in. The sign says this, 'Visit the HarperCollins booth for the chance to win EXTRAORDINARY PRIZE.' And I posted this on Twitter with the caption: 'Do you mean this? Heh heh.' (Referring to the ARC in my hand.)

Poster haul:

Look at this baby? Do you want to know how big it is? Look at the books. They look very small! And the poster is huge. Think movie poster huge. The movie posters that are outside the theater that advertise the movies. Yeah. That big. It's as big as my hotel room's flat screen TV. 

I have been meaning to read this book... But haven't. 

Book haul:
Be jelly. I got a lot. 
The picture is of everything, though. Not just the ones I got on Sunday. 

The books all stacked up. All of them. There are two copies of 'Little Prince', though.
A lot are ARCs actually. The large one on the bottom. The Patrick Ness book. 

All my books. The bottom row is made up of ARCs. And some of the second row. The top ones are hardcovers. The other 

Swag haul: 
For the giveaway and my own personal want. Heh heh. 

For Giveaway:
I'll divide up the stuff into swag packs. Two or more. Who knows? And then, I'll put up a giveaway. This was much more then expected...
I'll update you when I decide. 

Yes. That poster is HUGE. I know. And there's a lot of books. And some samplers. And a few buttons. Cool, right? See the books holding down the poster? Those too.

Another poster. And yes, that's a copy of 'We Were Liars'. And 'Okay For Now'. They aren't signed, though.

My Personal Swag:

Yes. A Pip Bartlett ARC. Because a friend got it signed for me, and I met her today. I added it to the pile for that reason. She went to BEA and all. 

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