Review: 'The Contingency' by Karona Thompson

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Contingency
Karona Thompson

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How does someone live in a world bent on destroying the very thing they are ? 
You don't. 
You don't live. 
You survive. 

And the only way to do that is to hide. 

Hiding. This is what Callia Gracie has been doing since the day she was found to have the Echthra blood component within her veins she has been doing. Hiding, in plain sight. 

In her home she's Callia Gracie but outside and to everyone else she is Frankie Sly. A name that's meant to protect not just her but those around her. 

But what will she do when she's found out? In a world where it is she against everyone, will she crumble and fall or will she stand and fight.

Note: I got this as a read-for-review.

Here Be the Players

Callia was okay. She wasn't the most interesting character. She was meek and shy at first. And when she used her powers, she didn't seem to act stronger because of it. She seemed to be the same. Sure, she gained a bit of confidence, but she still seemed to be the same. Shocked at her actions. Shy. Those are just a few words to describe Callia's personality. And Frankie Sly? I'm not sure that's a good code name or anything. It seemed to mock the soldiers. Like, 'I'm totally normal. My last name is coincidentally Sly!' I didn't feel for her. She was just so bland. She wasn't devious or rude. She wasn't very brave. Those are my favorite character types. She did care for her family, though. I'll give her her that. Callia just wasn't the sort of girl I would be friends with. She was just so dull.
The Prince was okay. His motivations were confusing. Why her? What do you see in her? Also, what's with you? Hot then cold. It's like that song. Geez. 'You're hot then you're cold. You're yes then you're no.' Those words exactly. He seemed to be kind deep inside. Deep inside, though. He could have had more time to explain or be explained. He didn't get enough pages to explain how actions.
Aaron was okay. He was loyal, but he gave up Callia too easily. If he loved her as much as he claimed, he would have fought more. He was like, 'Bye, Callia. I can't help you. Sorry.' Yet...he was kind and caring. He liked Callia no matter who she was. He didn't judge. That was an interesting part of his character.

The Adventure Begins (And Ends)

The plot wasn't too interesting. It didn't seem to be anything different. It wasn't that interesting or unique.
And I felt like it was echoing 'Shatter Me'. Here, we have a girl who has powers. She has to keep them secret, though. No one in her dystopian future has powers. (That she knows of.) She meets a guy who cares. And doesn't mind if she has powers. (Spoiler AlertThen she is taken. And ends up with super powerful guy's son who comes off as a rude guy who ends up being nice.

It just seemed to be copying. Or reinventing. I felt like there wasn't many differences with this and 'Shatter Me'. There were some. Enough to make it its own idea but too many similarities to deny.

The Swoon-Gasp-Swoon Factor


Ka-Pow Power

There wasn't a lot of drama or action. The action was minimal. And Callia seemed to blank out sometimes during an action scene. Since she didn't fight, things were a bit boring. Oh yes, your powers are cool. When and if you use them. She just never fought. Period. She only fought back once or twice. She finally had motivation. The majority of the story was her accepting her fate. She didn't really stand up for herself.

Kiss Kiss Fall in Love

The romance was annoying.
There was something between Aaron and Callia. A strong bond. A good friendship turned into something else. Maybe something more. I couldn't tell. But they worked well together. Cared for each other. It was obvious that they liked each other. You had to see it. 
There was absolutely no chemistry between Callia and the Prince. It was a bit dull. And she hated him with a burning passion. There was nothing there. Sure, he was nicer at times, but that didn't contradict all the punches and kicks he gave her. Saying thank you and trying to help. He didn't have to. It showed he could be a good person. If he wanted to. And perhaps he could be a love interest. Just not in my opinion.
There was no use for a love triangle. It felt like the Prince liked Callia, but Callia didn't feel much for him. And Callia had her heart set on Aaron anyways. There was no reason for a love triangle. 

Special Effects

The grammar was a huge problem for me. It seemed like every page had a grammar problem. Missing commas. Missing quotation marks. Words that seemed to not fit. (But if it was a letter different, that would be a different story.) They were just so commonplace. I considered putting this eBook down around halfway through when the grammar errors became more evident. And they were simple things. 

I really didn't like the massive amount of grammar issues. It wasn't just a few times. It was often. And that's where I have a problem. A few times would be one thing. Many times is another. 

The End

The ending was such a cliffhanger. It just ended on that open-ended note... So much could have happened. Someone dies. The Prince dies. The rebels appear. (None of this happens. At least, not to my knowledge.) So many chances. 

The story could have continued. It could have been longer and had the fight scene. It could have had more closure. You don't get anything. It's just the end. The end.
When I got to the ending, I sat there in shock. I scrolled down a bit. Nothing. I was shocked. The story surely couldn't end there! But it did. And that's what upset me. A cliffhanger is one thing. An ending in the middle of a scene is another.
This story could have been longer. So many things were thrown at you. So many questions. You needed answers. And you got none.


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