Culture Shock: Cat Cafes in HK (June 20)

Saturday, June 20, 2015
Yesterday, I went to a cat cafe in Causeway Bay and a trampoline park in Quarry Bay.
Man. I had fun. 

The cat cafe was great. The cats were adorable. You really had to look for them, though. They were all over the place. It was a two flat cat cafe. One half was the cafe part. The other was a workshop for an antique cameras place, a bakery, and a frame shop or something like that. (I can't remember what the third one was...)
You had to get a membership, which my aunt did. (Someone reviewed it and said she wasn't pushed on the subject. My aunt was fine with getting it because we knew we would come back sooner or later.) You could get cat-themed drinks and snacks. I didn't end up getting something to drink or eat. My aunt got tea, though. (If that counts.)

And this is the teacup. It's a cat. Adorable. 

I wandered the shop, looking at the baked goods. Almost everything I saw was cat related. The decor. The snacks and drinks. Even the bathroom had a cat-theme to it. The mirror had been drawn upon and had cat ear and whiskers on it. (So you could look like a cat.) 
And, ultimately, looking for kitties. 
And I found them. 

Mr. Bowtie dude. (I never found out their names. And I'm assuming this is a guy.)

Orange Stripes. (He's/she's sitting on a printer. I know. It's the antique camera side of the workshop. And he/she didn't come down the entire time I was there.)

Sleepyhead. (He/she slept the entire time I was there. But look at him/her! So cute! And with a cat toy next to him/her!)

Fluffy White Cat. (She/he was so cute. She/he hid for a bit until someone coaxed her/him out. I'm not sure how exactly... And then she/he went into a basket to chill.)

Other Orange-y Cat. (This one was hiding as well. She/he came out with the Fluffy White Cat. So cute.)

The Two Babies. (They stayed in their house. And they were mostly asleep until one of them woke up. See?)

The cafe did have some adorable sweets. And a bakery that made cakes with cat faces. Cookies too. They also made cakes for cats. It was interesting...

Some of the sweets are cheesecake and  chocolate and tarts. All cat-related, though.

You can visit the cat cafe as well. 
The location:
Flat D-E, 3/F Po Ming Building, Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay.

And then the trampoline park. 

We went to Ryze Hong Kong. It was located in Quarry Bay. 
We first arrived at 10 am to get out at noon. They were booked to noon. We decided to get tickets to go later at 4. (I suggest you book ahead of time. Saves you some hassle. It did say that reservations were encouraged. Now, I see why.)
I noticed there was a huge amount of little kids. (Elementary school age and younger.) 
We left there, going to the cat cafe.
We went back to the trampoline place and got there at 3. We had time to spare, so we watched people bounce. We saw these two guys doing cool wall tricks. They seemed very professional. (Which was odd since the majority of the 'fliers' were kids from toddlers to high school kids.)
Well...long story short, we became odd creepers. (For a while.)
Then we go let in.
It was fun. I liked the feeling of bouncing. I hadn't gone on many trampolines before. It was a new experience. 
I guess I ended up bouncing for forty minutes out of my sixty? Something like that. It was a good amount of time. 
I also went to their foam pit. I tried to tightrope walk. Easy peasy. (My aunt fell on her first try. And then I explained the mechanics to her, and she got it easy.) 

My verdict? Good facilities. It was a bit crowded. And a bit loud. When your time ended, instead of stopping the music, they used whistles to scream in your ear. It reminded me so much of high school. 
It was good for all ages. I didn't do flips or splits, but I still became stinky and sweaty at the end. Anyone could do this. You don't need experience. I mean...I had none. 

If you want to jump jump jump, here's the address:
321 Java Road 3/F, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

Now. Why is this a culture shock?
It's more like the combination of many cultures in Hong Kong. It shows how multi-cultural Hong Kong is. We have the Japanese-style cat cafe and the very-Western trampoline park. It's just fascinating to see how other cultures mix together. 


  1. A cat is it? Or restaurant? OKAY. THAT IS WEIRD. But kind of cool! I think I would have an allergy, but all those cats...aww.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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