My Ideal YA Book

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Ideal YA Book

Read. Breathe. Relax had a recent post called 'My Ideal YA Book Has'. I decided to take my own take on this idea. Thanks, Lisa, for the inspiration! 


The setting would be a dystopian world. I love dystopian worlds. Especially the post-apocalyptic ones. How has the world ended? What did the people do? How did they rebuild?
If the world DIDN'T end, how did the society become corrupt? What is the system? What is the thing that makes this setting unique compared to the other stories'? A caste system like 'The Selection'? A tough test that determines your fate like 'Legend'? Why did this unique thing come into place? Corrupt leaders? Rebellions? 

I believe the world will end one day. When? Who knows. We are melting the polar ice caps, so 'Thei 5th Wave' might happen. The tsunami wave is the most likely. I don't want the so-called 'sexy' aliens, though. 

Examples: 'Legend'. 'Ashfall'. 'Angelfall'. 'Cinder'. 


I would love a defiant female lead. She won't need anyone to help her. She has the skills to defend herself. She protects her family and friends with her dear life. Someone brave and a tad reckless. (Aka people like Penryn, Katsa, and Mackenzie Bishop.) 

The any male characters would be either:
A) Warm, kind, and funny (Like Marcus from 'Partials')
B) Dark and dangerous (Like Fade from 'Enclave'.)
C) Something Completely Different (Aka mood swings. Or something.)

(THEOOOO. Mr. McBroody himself. Just STARE at him and he broods back.)


If I HAD to have romance, it would be friends-turned-lovers or enemies-turned-lovers. Both are okay by me. The friends have a bond already. It makes natural sense for them to take it to the next level sometimes. ('Simons vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda', anybody?) Enemies-turned-lovers are great too. They hate each other, but they grow to love each other through different means. Whether it's a terrible curse that bonds them like 'The Assassin's Curse' or something else like a fateful marriage. It's also quite hilarious reading them seethe in the other's presence. Then, when they get together, reading them remembering their seething. Muwahaha!
If not, no romance at all. I like familial love and friendships better than lovers and boyfriends and girlfriends. If the relationship helps the story or the characters, go right ahead. If no, nope!

Other Stuff:

The book doesn't need this stuff, but I would love it if these things were there!

-That One Guy Who Relieves the Tension (Ehem. -coughs- Marcus -coughs-)
-The Sibling That is Helpful and Awesome (Saba's sister? Excuse me?)
-Magic ('A Darker Shade of Magic'. 'Heir of Fire'. Etc.)
-Action (ALWAYS!)
-An Elite High School (Like 'Food Wars'. Except that's a manga/anime. But that's okay.)
-Supernatural Stuff ('The Raven Boys'. That's all I have to say.)
-Best Friends ('Since You've Been Gone'.)
-Family ('Blood Red Road'.)


  1. YES!!! :) You have just described a perfect YA read for me. This would contain all the elements I love to see in my own YA books. I love the enemies turned lovers storyline, it's what probably made Rebel Belle a 5/5 read for me.

    1. Haha. Nice! Enemies turned lovers is really funny.
      "Where did you meet?"
      "Oh. Doing battle. I hated him."
      "And then we fell in luuurvveee."