Review: 'The Ungoverned' by Jaq C Reed

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Ungoverned
Jaq C Reed

Ara is Code Yellow.

In a world of assignment, there is no choice. Ara lives, works, and breathes under the rule of the Governance. It’s a race against time, as every minute is counted down off her clock of life.

The annual cull of the population threatens her friends, family; everyone close to her. Missteps lead to questioning and torture.

She is genetic perfection; the impure of the Nation are cast out and terminated. Mingling with anyone outside of Rank brings with it the possibility of code collision and termination. The Code keeps everyone, including Ara, under complete control of the Governance. Until she becomes unCoded.

From a life of drudgery, Ara unwittingly becomes the face of revolution. With the forbidden love of the Governor’s son and the Cull looming, can she save her friends from torture? Can she save her family from certain death? Can she save herself?

In a world of surveillance, where death is at every turn–

Will she allow herself to be Governed? Or join the ranks– of the few that are—



Here Be the Players
Ara wasn't a bad character. She had a good change. She was shy. Quiet. Almost unimportant. code. Which was cool. She became stronger. More determined. Her personality changed. She changed. Which is why I liked her at the end. She would do what she had for her family. For Nova. For Varian. For Arturo. She stayed for them. 
Varian was quite cool. He was smart and kind. Caring. But his smarts wasn't flaunted. Or imposed on the reader. He was a good match for Ara. I saw that relationship a mile away. He complimented her. Both kind. Both loving. It would have been a great couple.
Arturo was awesome. Such a great brother. And the twist? He's into dudes. I felt like this could have been focused on more. Oh well. He had loyalty. And would do things secretly. Hidden. He was great. And he truly loved his sister. Which in this world seemed to be lacking. He was a soldier second to a brother and son. Family first.

The Adventure Begins (And Ends)

The plot was actually quite interesting. It might have been the Code thing. Or the rebellion. (The rebellion was obvious.) The Eridon thing? Unexpected. Whoa. I didn't see it coming. 
The plot had action in it. Which I liked. The escape? Awesome. Them leaving? Cool. And the secrets they had to keep. You wanted to know what would happen. Will they be caught? Will they be fine? Will they escape? Will they be killed? So many questions. You just had to know.

The Swoon-Gasp-Swoon Factor


Ka-Pow Power


Kiss Kiss Fall in Love

The romance was...odd. It didn't seem to fit. Why? Why couldn't we just have Ara? Why did we need a guy? No. Two guys. And Felix was creepy in the end. Cruel even. Ugh. That didn't sit well with me. And while Varian worked, the pairings just seemed a bit too forced. I saw the romance...but it didn't work. It was confusing for me. I  understand its purpose. 
And the love triangle. Uncalled for. Just choose one. Or dump Felix. I mean, he would be a raging mess, but that is to be expected. I can't believe what Felix did. How cruel. That didn't work at all with me. Not all.

Special Effects

The world building wasn't bad. It was confusing at first. What's the Code? The different levels? Code Black? The technology? But as you read on, you discover how science fiction this place is. How fascinating actually. 
You were given so many different things. How the world ended. (Environmentally catastrophe.) How people found refuge. The survivors. The world was pretty cool. A bit confusing at first, though.
But. How did the Code work? I want to know. Was it a virus? Or something else? Was it man-made or found? I didn't get too much in it. It was living. That's all I know. Hm... What if this is a thing even now? Scary.

The End

The story ended on a high note. The search for Arturo. Ara's sacrifice. Felix's twist. And Nova. The epilogue was great. It raised some questions. But you just knew Arturo would find her. You just knew. It was great.
No questions. A high note. Happiness will be dealt.


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