How I Met Your Mother Book Tag

Monday, July 6, 2015

How I Met Your Mother Book Tag

Since I haven't seen a HIMYM book tag floating around, I decided to make one. I adore this show. It's funny and adorable all at once. It can touch on serious topics with humor. I've made so many references to this show. I've burst out into humming the theme song. (So catchy, right?) I've said things like 'The Gentlemen!' and bowed dramatically. My friends don't get it at all. -sighs- This tag seems like the perfect way to show my feelings about this show. 

Onto the tag! I haven't read all the books. Some of them aren't even out. Some I might never read. Some I have. Some I will read. 

The Mother

A book with a well-kept secret


I chose this book because of the secret of the truth about the Brimstone Bleed. And I will NOT give away the secret. It's too juicy. You just have to read to find it out!
And it's well-kept because no one really knows it. Except...Truth-Teller. (I won't reveal who spills the beans.) People who have read this book will get this. 

The Playbook

A book with a player


This was so hard for me to place. I don't KNOW books with a player. Why? I just don't read books with a player in it. But. I searched high and low. I looked through my 600+ books on my 'Read' shelf on Goodreads. 
Who is the player in this book? I'm going to say Thorne. He isn't much of a player...but he does flirt a lot and play with people's feelings. (You could also say Rose is a bit of a player if that's the definition of a player.) 

Just look at the blond guy. He just looks like he's going to twist poor Cress's heart into a knot. 

The Bro Code

A book with a bromance


Kell and Rhy. Some of the best bros out there. They were so chill with each other. They worked great with each other and had a lot of love for each other.
Awesome bromance!

The Blue French Horn

A book with an act of true love


You might me wondering what I mean. 'WHAT ACT OF TRUE LOVE?' 
I mean the true love between friends. 
Lissa and Rose were two great friends. The act of true love I mean is actually from before the story even begins. I hope you know what I mean. Heh heh. No spoilers!

The Goat

A book with humorous elements


This book was just so cute. It was adorable. Tiny was such a great character. Awesomely funny.

Left at the Altar

A book that left you wanting more

(Sorry. I couldn't find a GIF from the wedding...)


I want Dimitri and Rose! And what happened after the ending! (I just finished this one, and I haven't gotten the third book yet. So I'm yearning for more.) I WANT MORE. GIMME!

The Blitz

A book about bad luck


This one isn't out yet, but it still is about bad luck. Or is it?
Again. It isn't out yet. Not to me, at least. 


A book set in a foreign country


This book is set in Kowloon. A completely foreign place. Not a country, but it's in a country! Yeah!

Slap Bet 

A book about dares


This book isn't really about dares. It's about pushing you limit. It is sort of dares, though. It's a risk-taking game. And the risks seem like dares.

Haaaaveee You Met Ted?

A book someone introduced you to


A FRIEND didn't introduce this to me. A book fan artist. She did this AWESOME fan art of Wesley Ayers, and I wanted to read about this Guyliner dude! So yeah.


And now...I tag...
If you want to do this, go ahead!

Also, who is your favorite How I Met Your Mother character? And your favorite gag from the show? Tell me and we can totally fangirl. (Muwahaha.)

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