Extra! Extra! Josephine Montfort Solves the Case in 'These Shallow Graves'

Thursday, October 15, 2015

These Shallow Graves
Jennifer Donnelly  

Set in gilded age New York, These Shallow Graves follows the story of Josephine Montfort, an American aristocrat. Jo lives a life of old-money ease. Not much is expected of her other than to look good and marry well. But when her father dies due to an accidental gunshot, the gilding on Jo’s world starts to tarnish. With the help of a handsome and brash reporter, and a young medical student who moonlights in the city morgue, Jo uncovers the truth behind her father’s death and learns that if you’re going to bury the past, you’d better bury it deep.

Note: I got this book as an eARC from NetGalley.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 
Josephine Montfort's discovery of the secrets in the Van Houten Shipping Company!

The who?
Josephine Montfort and her mysterious Oscar Edwards.

The what?
Solving a crime for the ages.

The how?
Using reporter-ing and awesomeness. (And lots and lots of cash.)

And now...our main event! An interview with Wren.

Was the mystery solved?
Yes. Obviously.

Was the last plot twists unexpected?
Sorta. I started guessing it was him near the last plot twist. Not saying who, though.

Did the romance annoy you (as many do)?
I felt like it could have been done better. There was some chemistry between the two, but it wasn't anything too convincing. It did seem rushed too. I just didn't enjoy it...

Was Josephine Montfort interesting?
Her character was complex. But I felt as if she was a little...how do you say...brave and foolish and kinda airheaded. She was stuck in this cycle of 'what would they think of me'. I kinda hated that, but it was her life. She couldn't help that. Her personality was explosive, though. And that was pretty interesting.

This book was set in New York City. Thoughts?
Well, I adore NYC. ADORE it. I liked the fact that it was set in NYC. In an earlier time, of course. I don't read historical a lot, so that really opened up a whole new world for me.

Was it captivating?
Mhm. (That's a yes.)

Would you recommend it?
To the people who don't typically read mysteries, yes. The typical mystery reader might be a bit disappointed. Not that I would know since I read sci-fi and fantasy a lot more than mysteries. 



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