The Connection: The Rest of Us Just Live Here and The Leveller

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Connection is a feature where I link bookish things to non-bookish things (ex: music, manga, and TV shows.) I recommend you different animes and mangas or songs that correspond with certain books. 
Note: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES. (Except for The Connection logo.) The credit goes to the artist.

TROUJLH is about weird stuff in a weird town. The indie kids and all. And even the normal ones. WTNV is all about weird stuff. It's an amazing podcast that airs twice a month. It gives you amazing content with -drools- Cecil Baldwin voicing Cecil. It's about a fictional town called Night Vale in the middle of nowhere. Night Vale is your typical town with a bowling alley with a little kingdom in one of the lanes, floating cats, flesh-eating everything, the Glow Cloud (All Hail the Glow Cloud), and other awesome things. Go check it out!

Sword Art Online
The picture is owned by the creators of Sword Art Online.
SAO is not a favorite anime of mine, but it is a favorite anime of other people. It's an anime about video games and this group of gamers who are stuck in said video game and can't get out unless they risk their lives. It's a truly interesting watch with one of the best theme songs out there. With The Leveller, you can see the commonalities including getting stuck in a video game and having to fight your way out. And the romance. (Plus, who doesn't love Asuna? I prefer Erza Scarlet when talking about badass ladies, but Asuna-chan's great too. 

½ Prince
I do not own this picture of 1/2 Prince. The credit goes to the owners.
The image might seem very tame, but 1/2 Prince is anything but tame. A manga and manhua about video games yet again. But it's one of my favorite mangas out there. (Other than Food Wars and Horimiya. Yeah. I have diverse tastes.) This manga has a twist, though. The main character is a girl with a boy avatar in the game. The entire manga is based on her secret and her shenanigans. Mostly because Prince, her avatar, isn't that smart but is undoubtedly pretty. Like drop-dead-gorgeous. This is a truly amazing masterpiece, though. You feel for the characters and truly love their story. 
The ending was terrible, though. I mean...seriously? I wanted our favorite heroine to end up with the other guy. (Yes, there's a love triangle involved.)

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