How My Novel Came to Be: A Love Story (Haha, Kidding)

Friday, November 20, 2015
My novel is insane. You should have seen how it started out, so I'm showing you now. It's pretty weird.
It originally started out as a story about a girl who wanted more to life. (Not as a bucket list to my surprise.)

Here's the original idea:

"I just want to feel like I did something, you know? Cured cancer. Traveled the world. Something! I don't want to be that freak whose horny grandkids can't even remember. I want my name to be in the record books. To make my life significant. I want to be somebody. Not just Trixie."

Trixie started out as Trixie. The same sass. The same sarcasm.
She started as a book lover, though. But I completely changed it completely at chapter two. Completely changed it. She was supposed to read instead of watching movies, but it changed. It didn't suit her personality.
The story also was originally a road trip not during the school year. And McLaughan met Trixie on the road. It was definitely different.

Has your novel changed? If yes, how? 

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  1. Awwww I LOVE all of the quotes I've seen for your novel <3! Aren't characters nasty little buggers sometimes XD? But you can't help but love them too much...
    My novel didn't change much but sadly, I hate it :| just my luck, the first time I finish NaNoWriMo and my novel is boring and bland. BUT I did manage to think of an incredible fantasy romance story that I am SUPER excited for. I guess I'll just scrap my NaNo story haha *cries*
    Can't wait to read your story :)
    Have a great day Wren!