I'm Taking a Break, But Don't Cry!

Sunday, November 22, 2015
Hey, everyone. 
Great news! I'm taking a break. Kidding. You're all probably bawling by now. There there. Technically, it's a sorta-not-really break since I have a blog post coming on the 27th, but that's semantics.

This break will last from:

Nov 22-Nov 29. 

Wondering why I'm taking my FIRST EVER blogging break? It's because I'm totally REVAMPING this blog. Yeah, you heard (read?) me right. I'm doing a revamping. DURING NANO. You better be proud of me, blogosphere. You better be.
What to expect after my revamp: 
  • THREE AWESOME NEW FEATURES (With sneaky peaks during the hiatus, so, again, it's more like a half-hiatus. And, yes, all caps was needed.)
  • An awesome new blog look
  • An awesomer review format
  • A totally cool new bio
  • Awesome new profile pictures
  • GRAPHICS (Because I should try at least)
But I'll still be on Twitter, so if you need me swing on by! 

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