5 Bloggers (I Would Like To) Work With

Friday, December 4, 2015

Today, I get the decision of choosing bloggers I'd like to work with. 
My reaction:

Thanks, sassy cat. Your words are wisdom. But seriously. I was doubtful of this. Did I HAVE to choose this prompt. Nope. Did I do it anyways? Yep. 
So here we go.
And know that anyone in my introductory post was NO put on this list. But I'd love to collaborate with ALL of those bloggers too. (Even though Mish dear would just be done with me and give me Sydney to pet gently. Wait. She wouldn't do that. Oh never mind..) 

I couldn't simply choose one potato. They're all amazing. (And highly delicious when baked. I'm kidding. That's called cannibalism. Wait. Am I allowed to talk about this on a blog? I dunno... Let me consult The Great Blogger List of Things You Can and Cannot Do. Oh...erm...let's see...ugh...never mind.) 
"Why, Oh High and Mighty Wren?" (Yeah, I went there. Deal with it.) Because these guys are creative and classy and insert-complimentary-word-that-starts-with-c-here. And...honestly? I love their work. They're funny and honest. They have amazing prints. (Which my iPad refuses to allow. So I have anime wallpapers instead. Curse you, iPad 4. Grr...) 
And also they are very nice people. 
What type of post would we do? An awesome fanfiction/fanart/whatever-those-wallpaper-things-are-called-fanpapers? mashup. It'll be totally awesome since I have no lack of writing skills. (Who am I kidding? My writing sucks. Haha.)

Have you met Jamie? She's really cool. And totally random. But aren't we all? Hm? Admit it. I met her on Twitter, and I really admire her. Not to mention the fact that she's all about Air Awakens. That's a plus, and I haven't even read the book! 
What type of post would we do? Why am I asking this? I don't know! Maybe this awesome author promotion thing. Ooh. That'd be cool, right? Or fanfiction for Air Awakens. (After I get it, of course. Stupid library. Not having books wasn't in the contract. -waggles finger condescendingly-)

We met on a Twitter chat. I'm not sure which. But she was all about the Grisha-verse. And through her I met Melanie. Another awesome blogger. And through the two of them, I decided to cosplay as the Darkling. One day. When I learn to sew. Or at least use the sewing machine. Haha. 
Brownie points for being related to an author. (It's The Girl From Everywhere's Heidi Heilig.) 
What type of post would we do? Probably some Grisha thing. (Ha. It sounds so passe. 'Some Grisha thing'. We'd probably be fangirling the entire time. Maybe a three-way post with Melanie too. That'd be chill.) 

Did you know that she hosts the Fledgling Author Chat? It's true. Not that that makes her totally cool. She's cool because she's nice and funny. But also because of #FAC16. That too. 
What type of post would we do? I'm not sure again. But I love Nicola's chat. So maybe an expose on Twitter chats? Hmmm. That's a good topic actually. 

Fallon is such a dear. She's giving me ARCs for goodness sake! And she gave me some really awesome advice. 
What type of post would we do? Probably a from more experienced blogger to newbie to newbie. Sorta a how-to slash help post. 

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