Shy Girl's Guide to Being a Fangirl

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome to the very first post for the Shy Girl's Guide or SGG. It's so great to be able to talk about awesome things from the perspective of someone who is kinda shy. And I will be very frank with you.

Today's post is about being a fangirl. A relatively easy topic.

What does being a fangirl mean to you? Does it mean conventions? Or author visits? Or cosplay?
Whatever it means to you realize that it's different for someone else.
To me, being a fangirl means being me. I am a fangirl. I'm socially awkward and probably insane and pretty cool. That's me. Being a fangirl is part of my personality. I laugh along with characters and cry along with them too. They consume my life until I regain a slice of sanity and return to my reality. (And, sometimes, it takes a long time for what to happen.)

I am not a closeted fangirl. I don't try to hide this part of myself. I will screech and squee and gasp and collapse because of books or Welcome to Night Vale or anime.
Of course, I don't fangirl with people I know unless I trust them or we're friends. That'd be embarrassing! I do fangirl in front of strangers. The line of though is that 'we'll never see each other again, so why does it matter?'

My suggestion to pry your inner fangirl out is this:
Realize that it's a part of you. And let it rip.

Don't hide it. Flaunt it. Be proud.

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