Countdown to the End of the World...I Mean the End of the Blogger Positivity Project

Friday, December 11, 2015

Welcome to my (a tad late) recap of the Blogger Positivity Project! Yay? Definitely yay.

Five Brief Tips:

The blogging community is great. You'll be supported no matter what.
Authors are totally awesome potatoes and should be thanked more.
Who you are is amazing. Even if you're sarcastic and cynical. Like me. You're still cool.
Books are amazing. And you'll find that one book that is totally yours. I mean...other people will read it. But it's yours.
We totally need to write different discussion topics. Totally. 

Four Things I Enjoyed:

Meeting new people: I loved meeting these new people. I'm not someone who meets a lot of new people. I'm quite shy. So yeah. Admittedly, I didn't get to meet a lot of the other bloggers. School is stressful, you know. But I did meet some people. Some. 
Getting to write these awesome topics: I enjoyed writing these topics. I got to say things that I might not have said by myself. letter...I loved writing that.
Seeing other posts: I love seeing other people's posts. It was really cool to see their thoughts.
Getting all happy because of the kind comments: This is so self absorbed, but all these comments made my day. I got a little happy each time I saw a new comment. Like...'OHMYGOD. YOUCOMMENTED. THANKYOU.' 

Three Favorite BPC Posts:

Erin at the Hardcover Lover made a great post about the things the blogging world should know. And I totally agree.
Christine at Aerou Wishless did this pretty cool post about Goodreads. Okay. Confession time. I'm not a big fan of Goodreads these days. I used to use it a lot but not now. But this post reminded me of the good times.
Alex at All Alex Reads wrote this wonderful and heartfelt post to JK Rowling. The feels. Just the feels.

Two Bloggers That Inspired Me:

Jess: Okay. I kinda love Jess. She has a gorgeous blog design. And she's all sweet and kind. Ugh. How do you describe people? 
Jillian: I did she make this wonderful event? This girl has chops. And she's always so amazing. Brownie points because she did this blog hop. She makes pretty awesome posts. Yeah. Skills. 

One Inspirational Bookish Quote:

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