Tomato Talks Episode 2: Rated R for Mature Content

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome to another episode of Tomato Talks!

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Today, I talked about the definitions of YA, NA, and MG books. And how blurry the lines between all of these are. What makes a book YA? Or NA? Is it the content? The topics? The character ages? I know ages come into it a lot. 
And I asked if YA readers should read NA? For me, it's a yes. Honestly, some YA books are worse than NA books. And then, I asked if MG readers should read NA books? And that's the iffy part. (And when I say readers, I mean the target audience.)
And then I moved onto talking about censorship. I started to rant/ramble here, so apologies. I asked a few questions about when/if book banning should happen. And if book banning is really about protecting the kids anymore.
So some food for thought!

And here are some interesting links about book banning.

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