Tomato Talks: Episode One: Build a Better Blog: 5 Ways I'm Going to Improve My Blog

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today, I released the very first official episode of Tomato Talks!

Here are the links I mentioned to sign up for IBC, BSS, and VElites!

And here are the free stock images I use.

I also gave some shoutouts to people who helped me out with how I should improve my blog.
Joan @Fiddler_blue
Ali @booklthoughts
Ely @Elysiumjayne
Blaise @BlaiseHaddow
Abigail @whimsywriter3
Cait @PaperFury
SJ @SJBouquet
Mel @mellokid14

I mention 5 ways I'm going to improve my blog, and here they are!
1) Better discussion posts
2) Improve graphics
3) More friendly
4) Better reviews
5) Anime

PS: I mention Hetalia character songs. So you should listen to them. I'm good at finding good anime songs.

PPS: I mention Julie Murphy and the author of It's a Wonderful Death tweeting out my Rogues Read Books Too post. (I can't find the Tweet, though. Aw...)

Apologies for the awful audio. I'm using my iPad now (which has a better microphone than my computer.) And apologies for my stammering and all of that. I kept those in because I want you to know this is unscripted, and I am rambling. I do have notes and all, but I just talk in this podcast.


Also, here's the first demisode of Tomato Talks. I talk about Harry Potter and the massive hype going around.

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