DateMe! Ravenda and Dyvian

Friday, March 18, 2016

Today, I create wonderful dating profiles for my babies from Ravensoul and King of the Crows: Dyvian and Ravenda.


Sharp belted black trench: Gender: Male
Occupation: King of the Ravens. Also college kid. I can always handle more than one thing!
Likes: Sunshine. (Not the sunshine you're thinking of.) Being with friends. Happy things! 
Dislikes: Nothing. Except the freaks who killed my Sunshine... -clenches teeth- (He is actually serious about this comment.)
Past dating experiences: I had a significant other once. But...she died. -looks broodingly to the horizon-
What type of person are you? I am the happy person who will always be your friend. Do you need a hug? I'm your guy! (With a plan for revenge.) WREN. (Okay okay.)
Where would you go on the first date? Hm...the amusement park. It's sweet and cute. And fun!
What type of person are you interested in? I'm interested in a happy person like me. (Without my emotional luggage.) What did you say? (Oh me? Nothing.)
Do you want kids? Of course! I love kids.
Thoughts on religion? Hm...I'd rather not answer.
What is your favorite restaurant? I like this quaint little place in my hometown. It has amazing and weird stuff. Like roasted mice! Yum.
What is your dream job? Hm...King? But I am King!
What is your favorite book? Romeo and Juliet. A lovely love story. And one that is oh-so similar. (Star crossed true.) Stop, Wren!
What would you do for your loved ones? Anything. Everything.
What place do you want to go to the most? Home. I miss it. But I can't go back. Not yet... (Not until I-) NO.

Ravenda  Dark Mage Mask by FeralCrafter on Etsy, $250.00: Gender: Male
Occupation: (Epic Brooder...) King of the Crows.
Likes: I do not like things. (Brooding. Pouting. Ordering people around.)
Dislikes: You. And the rest of the world. (Please ignore him. He's rude.)
Past dating experiences: I don't like humans. I don't like woman. (He's kidding...)
What is your favorite book? I don't read.
What is your worst fear? I fear nothing.
Where would you go on a first date? Nowhere.
What is your secret spots? That's none of your business. (He means flying. Teehee.)
What do you think you did in your past lives? I don't believe in that.
How would you react to another country invading your country? Retaliation is the only answer.
Thoughts on other races? Peacocks are pathetic. All show and no brains. (So...background. Ravenda and Dyvian are part of the Animalia Kingdom. Which is basically all the creatures on Earth. But in human form. And in the story King of the Crows, Ravenda talks to the peacock king. And kinda hates him.)
How do you define love? It's stupid. And a pathetic emotion from humans only. I am above that.
Describe your happiest moment. The second I left this interview. (How rude! I will ignore that. I know you love me.) I do not.
What type of person are you looking for? I am not. Dyvian made me do this. Now, let me leave.

Do you like this? I do! I'd love to do more. I love involving my characters. SO MUCH FUN.

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