Screaming and Shouting and Overall Ranting: Stephanie Perkins Books

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

While I love gushing over my favorite books, I do have books I hate. And I have one series I completely hate. I just... -roar-
But I'll try to put my anger into words. And what is the series? The 'Anna and the French Kiss' series.

Begin rant.

These are the said books

For one, the characters are highly unbelievable. The girls are so completely unlikable. The only one I could stand was Lola. And that was only because she was quirky.
They couldn't be real people. (Wow...that sounds super rude...) For me, if a character seems like they could exist in the real world, then that's the sign of a real character. Anna and Isla were impossible characters. They couldn't have existed in real life. And a lot of their 'characteristics' would, in no way, have gotten them a guy. Sorry not sorry. More on this relationship thing later.
The guys were too...perfect. Hot. Multicultural. Genius. I wanted to gag. This is not possible. Let's look at my friends. There's Noah of the Messed Up Kidney. He's a science nerd. And he has the worst romantic troubles in the world. he like Cricket? Etienne? Josh? Just think about And my other friend Matthew. He is in no way like any of the three love interests. He's perverted and likes anime. The two of us (Matthew and I) created this weird fan fic about Noah and Bo (who are both friends of ours). It ended up quite amazing if I do say so myself... But my friends are not these guys. And, trust me, high school boys are either creepy, perverted, or anything but hot and sexy as these boys are 'supposed' to be. Haha. No.

Two, back to characters...Isla is a creep. I hate her the most. She is a stalker. She eyes Josh longingly. But she never talks to him? She knows his movements but isn't a friend. That is pretty much the definition of a stalker. She freaked me out.
Plus, she freaked the flip out over a drawing of Josh's ex. As if he hadn't had a lot of firsts with her. How rude! And she made him re-draw it. Okay, Josh loved his ex. And while he might 'love' you now, his past isn't gone.
Insert expletive here...

Three, the romances are completely laughable. Why in the world would these guys fall for these girls?
Anna is so antisocial and pretty much hates the entire school. So why Etienne? Why her? You had so many girls you could choose from. And I hate how height was a major thing in this relationship. I'm on the shorter end. I'm maybe five feet, at most five feet one inch. So I am pretty short compared to my friends. I hate being the shortest in the bunch. So stop making Etienne's shortness 'cute'. It's making me mad.
Lola isn't too bad... Compared to the others, she's mild. Her quirky style is actually pretty cool. But still. I imagine she's the girl who only makes commitments in college. Not high school. Plus the boy next door is not her style.
And Isla and Josh. The creepiest romance I've ever read. I hate it. Josh should have just moved on, no Isla. Isla is just freaky. I can't stand her. She makes me so mad.

So. Have you read these books? What do you think?

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