Insert Magic and Turn Me Into Victor Vale

Monday, March 14, 2016
Sorry for not making an original graphic I had no clue what to do.
I'm not the typical, normal person. So I decided to turn YOU into the amazing Victor Vale. And I'm totally not that this seriously. So enjoy two 'Vicious' on crack things and one maybe-possible snippets.

Anything on crack is amazing. And by that, I don't seriously mean crack. Just YouTube SAO on Crack. Or something. They're so funny. I love it.
'Vicious' on crack. Begins in

You are handsome. Extremely so.
Not that you care.
But you are handsome. There. A self confidence boost. Whoosh.
Off topic.
You are walking down the street with your little sidekick Sydney by your side. But she's totally not your sidekick. She's like...your ally.
But that's not important.
You are going to extract revenge...on the bagel lady. She totally gave you the wrong order. And you're going to bring the pain hammer down. Sorta.
"Victor," Sydney says softly, "where are we going?"
"Nowhere...and everywhere," you reply.
The two of you round the corner and end up at the local shopping mall. You slide your sunglasses up your nose; they had been slipping.
'Hipster,' you think. 'I'm a total hipster.'

Okay...that was totally not it. Let's try that again. For reals.

Blood runs down your fingers. You let the body slide to the ground. Sydney cups its cheek.
"Go well," she whispers. She glances up at your face. "Victor?"
You back away and shake your head. "Let's go," you say. "He was going to die anyways." You start to leave, but Sydney snatches your sleeve.
"But why..." she asks. "Why do we have the right to give and take lives?"
Her words freeze you. "Because we're cursed," you reply. You shake her little hand off your clothes and start to leave. But Sydney doesn't join you.
You stand in the doorway and dare a glance back. Sydney has crumpled and is weeping softly.
"Come on, Sydney," you call. "We have work to do."
Sydney looks up, tears glistening in her eyes. "Okay..."
She runs over and takes your hand. You stiffen slightly but relax.
The two of you walk away, leaving the corpse behind.
But you walk towards the future.

Okay...that totally works. Sorta? Let's put this on crack again. Ah...anime on crack is amazing. Okay. You know what, I'm making this an AU as well. An AU is an alternate universe. There are Genderbent! AUs and High School! AUs. Stuff like that. This will be a High School! AU. And on crack. It's gonna be INSANE.

"Swiggity swaggity," you say. "I'm gonna get Eli's booty." You saunter over and lean against the wall, staring obviously at his ass. Because who cares about hiding it? He was, and always would be, highly attractive. 'Best friends? Pssh,' you think.
He sits down on the bench and opens something, resting it on his knees.
Your swag sister Sydney struts over. "Yo." She winks slyly at you.
You smirk. "What's up, boo?" you ask. Sydney shrugs in response and eyes Eli.
"Yum," she says. "You going for it, Vicky?"
"Ugh. Ew. No. Never call me Vicky ever again," you say.
"Whyyy? It's an adorable name. It shows how much I wuv you." She pinches your cheek, but you scoff and scoot away. She pouts, rolling her eyes in annoyance. "Evil," she taunts. She darts forward, aiming to punch your cheek again. You swat at her hand and push her off.
"Come on. I have stuff to do," you whine. Sydney laughs and starts to go into the school. She blows a kiss at you. "Good luck, Vicky dear," she cries before disappearing into the dark halls of the school.
You push off the way and walk towards Eli. He's just being adorable and staring into the distance. "Hey," you say casually. Eli looks up from his...thing and smiles. "Ah, how are you, Vicky?" he asks. You roll your eyes. Sydney's claws were sliding into every day life. Ew.
"Fine, Eli," you reply. "You?"
"Enjoying my mag. It's good. Wanna a look?" he replies.
You shake your head. How did he not know? You did not swing that way. Eli stuffs the magazine into his bag, and you exhale. You're a badass, but dirty mags like that were so not your style. Just no.
"Whatcha come over to do?" Eli asks.
You lean in and brush your lips against his cheek. "I'm here for sweet, sweet love, Eli," you whisper.
Crimson blooms across Eli's cheeks. He slowly rises and glances at you. "In a minute, love," he says. He winks at you before slipping into the crowd. You whoop...on the inside of course. And you follow him.
He liked these games too much.

Love it? I did. least I loved writing it. Try writing 'swiggity swaggity' without laughing or smiling. Impossible, you know?
Also! You should totally check out Vicious. It's amazing. GO CHECK IT OUT. It's by Victoria Schwab in case you need it.

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