Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I saw this amazing thing off of Beauty and the Bookshelf. And I thought 'LET'S DO THIS.' It isn't really a blogging slump per se. I'm just way more interested in anime and drawing and should probably go back to books and writing and blogging. Just saying...

You can join here!

I basically just copied and pasted this directly from her blog. So all the 'I's aren't actually me ;)
But I add in my own comments. 

What is this?

Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza is a blogging "challenge" of sorts. There's really only one goal: to just post something. And the idea isn't for this to be some outline and pattern of memes and reviews and that's it. It's to show you all the things (just a few of the things) you can post on your blog and still keep it bookish. (Because we're all here for books, right?) And, in short, the focus is on having fun, because if we're not having fun blogging feels like a job or homework and, well, that's no fun, right?

This explosion of blogging will last three weeks (more on the actual scheduling is below). Each day (aside from two) will two posting options, and I'll also be posting each day, along with a Linky so we can all share and roll around in the fun. Feel free to use the banner, but please also link back to this post so people can see what this is all about and join in if they want to. Also: #bloggerextravaganza, if you fancy hashtags.


YOU. ANYONE. It's doesn't matter where you blog or how often you blog or how long you've been blogging. This is for everyone. This is for you.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning Wednesday, March 9 and ending Wednesday, March 30


So, personally, I'll be doing one post at least. But some of my March posts will stay. The other ones will migrate to April. SO I HAVE EVEN MORE CONTENT. 


An Interview With Yourself


Bookish Things You'd Give a Kidney For OR Inspirational, Badass, and Strong Women in Fiction
I'll be doing a mini wishlist. Because my birthday is coming up, and you're obviously buying me a gift. But I'll do a full wishlist later when my birthday is a few weeks away...


Do a Book Tag OR If You Were a Fictional Character
Because I don't particularly like scouring through my stinking-long GR shelf, I'll be doing the latter. 
But...I will write in second person! So the you is EVERY YOU IN THE WORLD.


Don't Post That Venting Review/Bash That Book OR Review Your Favorite Book Ever
I don't want to keep droning on and on about the AMAZING BOOKS I LOVE.

But, instead, I get to rant. -rubs palms together- -darkness emanates from self-
Huh? What? Nothing happened...


Mad Libs OR Character Dating Profiles
Since I'm not good enough at adding blank spaces in things (Taylor Swift is more appropriate here), I'll be making a character dating profile.

For my lovely story idea characters!
I'm thinking the bird brothers Dyvian and Ravenda. Because they are AVAILABLE. (Sorta. Dyvian is still kinda hung up on his dead love...of not matter!) 


Book Spine Poetry OR Reenact/Read a Scene
Ah. You guys might know how much I LOVE talking. So...reading a scene...


Puppies + Books OR Pitch a Book
I'm a cat person. So no puppies. ;)

Plan a Fictional Trip OR Make an Idea Board
I love traveling. Fictional trip sounds amazing. And I won't use Hogwarts.


Tell Us Your Ways OR Your Dream Easter Basket
I am not particularly good in one thing or Easter basket.


The Positives of Blogging

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