This is Why I Stay: Ten Things That I Love About the Book Blogging Community

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

People typically talk about the community when they explain why they love blogging. And while I do love the community, I feel like we're too vague about what is the 'community'. So I've made a (totally awesome) list about what exactly I love about the book blogging community.

1) People who help InterBlogCon in any way
InterBlogCon is an event in July to connect book bloggers all across the world. But it's not something I could do alone. I've had help, and I appreciate all of it. I really do. Thanks to all the people who have signed up for moderator or teacher. Thanks to my three hosts Joan, Ali, and Claire. Thanks to the people who donated swag for the giveaways. You guys always make me happy with all the support you give to, not only me, but the event. Thanks.
By the should check it out. ;)
If you want to attend
If you want to teach

2) Advice
Originally, I sought out a mentor to help me figure out what I was doing. It didn't work out. In the end, I just started to wing it. I still don't know how I've made it so far. But I've noticed that people give out advice EVERY DAY. Through discussion posts or simply a Tweet, people (who are more experienced) give out advice. And I try to take it.

3) Well wishes
When things get rough in life, who do you turn to? For me, I Tweet things out. My thoughts. My emotions. My reactions. But when things go sour, people in the community flock to your side. They give you prayers and well wishes and get well soons. They empathize with you.
And this is great. Really great. It can really pick up somebody's spirits. And I know this from personal experience.

4) Fangirling
I watch anime. Three or so of my good book blogger friends love anime too. I can fangirl and flail over my favorite animes and books and characters. Because FLAILING. And I get to do this because of my blogger friends.

5) Cute book bloggers
You guys are adorable. Just so so adorable. Enough said. Let me go flail over your cuteness.

7) Awesome Twitter chats
Alphabet soup. RQWN. BBTC. Twitter chats are amazing. You meet new people (which goes with number eight) and learn new things. And have an overall fun time. I love chats like this so much. And it's a lot of work. Trust me, I know.

8) Meeting new and awesome people
I'm shy. It's just me. I don't interact with people a lot. But I do interact online. I do it a lot. I love meeting people. It's so much fun. Even during Twitter chats. You can't stay with the same people over and over. You have to spread out and meet new people. And it's amazing.

9) Do amazing things
Book bloggers do amazing things. Internationally or no. People volunteer and help. And Fable's Library started a program to donate to nonprofit organizations even. Book bloggers are humans too.

10) Love and support
Thank you for all your help. In anything. You always love and support what I do. And what everyone else does.

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