Sweets, Sweets, and More Sweets For Me

Monday, March 28, 2016
Since I already did a bookish list of stuff I want, I'll give you a fun list of snacks and sweets I'd like to eat. Because Easter baskets are full of snacky goodies.


Cadbury egg
Dude. This stuff is basically chocolate on crack...wait...that makes sense...ugh. Let's correct that. It's chocolate with caramel. And any chocolate and caramel is an A++ for me! And it's also Easter related!

Kinder is delicious. I love it. The milky taste within is just -flails-. So I'd definitely want this in my Easter basket.

Oatmeal raisin cookie
Unlike many who despise oatmeal raisin cookies, I have a certain fondness for them. Because YUM. The rough texture...the little raisin surprise. Totally delicious. 
I also quite like peanut butter cookies (but I hate peanut butter. I love being a conundrum.) 

Cookie dough
I've never actually had cookie dough before. It seems unsanitary to me...but I'll try it! I've had those yummy cookie dough bite, so why not step it up? 

Cool whip
You're probably super confused by Cool Whip is on this list. It's because you can make ice cream with it! Just stick it in the fridge and tada! ice cream! (With less calories too!)

Lays Korean BBQ chips
If you've ever had these chips, you'll understand. They are amazing. I love the taste. It's mildly spicy and a little meaty. (I love Korean food really. Except the spicy stuff. That's a no-no.)

Crispi Rolls
You'd never think that these things are super delicious. But they are! My aunt and uncle introduced me to them. And I am ADDICTED. They are crunchy but kinda soft-ish. And the taste is fantastic. Plus, they don't have a lot of calories!

Corn Tube
While this doesn't sound so appealing, these little corn tubes are pretty awesome. This is not the exact brand I've had, but the general idea is the same. The hollow middle is actually pretty cool (but you're basically eating air.)

Japanese snacks
Candy kit
The idea of a candy kit might be a little disgusting, but they look fun. You use powders and water to make candy foods. People say these can be delicious or disgusting, but it really depends. I'm in it for the creation and not really the eating.

Mochi is one of the Japanese snacks I have tried. And they're pretty good. Chewy and squishy and powdery, mochi is delicious. (Unless it's like...taro flavor or whatever.)

Green Tea Kit Kat
I've heard so much about these! I've been dying to try one. And I'm in my matcha/green tea phase. Sooo.

Green Tea Pejoy
Pejoy is better than Pocky because a) there is cream INSIDE the tube and b) Pocky is mostly cracker tube thing and not filling (and I prefer the filling). So Pejoy is perfect for people who prefer the cream filling thing.
And I like matcha. Duh.

What would you like in your Easter basket? Tell me! I'd like to know.

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