We're Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocket Ship To Anime

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fictional worlds can be totally amazing. (Except for the ones with a lot of fantasy. I'd probably die if I went to those.) 

We'll be taking a quick trip to some awesome animes. And I'd probably survive in these. Probably.

Hetalia Gauken or Hetalia Academy

Welcome to the Hetalia Academy! You see some bishie boys just casually walking in, decked out in stripes and blue blazers. One with a rogue curl bouncing freely walks up to you. "Veeee. Oh, hello, ragazza! (apologies if you're male...)" he gushes, grinning stupidly. You wave weakly and smile shyly. "I'm Feliciano. And you look new. Come with me, pretty ragazza!" He snatches your hand and runs around the halls. He throws out names like nothing to them, and you wave, trying to commit it all to memory. Three halls in and you give up. You'll never remember this.
Feliciano rounds the corner and grins. "There are my friends. Ludwig and Kiku. Hello hello!" he calls. You spot the two, one a German and one a Japanese. You nod as somebody slams into you from behind. You whirl around, about to scold the rude person, but you're frozen as you see a wavy-haired man with a bit of stubble on his chin. 
"Oh, I'm sorry, mi amor. Please forgive me," he says. Feliciano pats the other man on his man, cheering and calling him 'Big Brother France'. You gulp nervously. The Frenchman takes your hand and kisses it. "I am Francis. It is nice to meet you, but I must go. Goodbye, Feliciano. Goodbye, mi amor," he says, floating away. You stare as Feliciano pats your shoulder. "He's Francis," Feliciano says simply before launching into another monologue.

The day slowly ends, and you're exhausted. You flop onto your bed and groan. Your roommate Elizabeta glances at you. "Are you okay?" she says, bending down to look at you. You nod weakly. "I hope you had a good day," she says, pulling your head into her lap in a motherly way. You shrug and curl up into a ball. She pets your head, coming her fingers through your hair. 
Just your first day at Hetalia Academy...
And you can't wait for what comes next.

(Sorry. I had NO CLUE what to write. By the way, this is actually a game, and you play Seychelles.)

Ouran High School Host Club

A blond beams at you. "Hello, lovely," he says, leading you into the host club. You're new to the school, but, of course, you heard about the host club. A single glance around the room is dizzying. So many girls surround a few boys. And you don't know where to look first. The blond leads you to a couch and sits you down.
"What can I get for you?" he asks. 
"N-Nothing," you stammer. "Who are you?"
"I am Tamaki host extraordinary," he says dramatically, placing a hand on his heart.
He walks away but returns with a tea set. He pours out some Earl Grey, and you sip (even if you don't particularly like tea or Earl Grey.) There are a set of twins and a hulking form and a smaller one on the massive guy's shoulders. And a guy who is glaring at you. Avoid! 
You get up and smile. "Thanks for this, but I should go," you say abruptly. Tamaki, who was talking, frowns. "What's wrong?" he asks, concern in his eyes. You shake your head. "I'll be back tomorrow," you call as you hurry out of the room. "Thanks but goodbye!" You wave and leave the room, heart slamming into your chest.
'Stupid bishie boys,' you think.

(And because we live on the side of danger, let's go somewhere...scary.)

Future Diary

I think a mini GIF party will sum up your trip to Future Diary

You first arrive and think everything is okay. Everything seems normal. Seems.

But somebody threatens your (puny) life. With a knife. But you can work your way out of the situation.
Things are not normal.

You run for your life. But the creepy, pink-haired girl chases you! Insert screaming! 

But you're saved by a white-haired guy.  (Who is totally cute.) He sticks to your side and helps you through this mess. 

And you leave. Stupid vacation. You're going to the Bahamas next year...

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