Tomato Talks Episode 4: Small Blog, Big Personality

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today, I talked about small blogs. And how much it sucks to be a small blogger.

Well...what is a small blog? 
For me, it's somebody whose blog isn't as well-known. It's not some blogging household name. 

So...what's a big blog?
It's somebody who is more well-known in the blogging community. People recognize your name.

You might think there are no perks to being a small blogger.
But there are. Even if you don't want to admit it.
You can mess up and not as many people notice. That's a perk. A big one. 
And you can try out new things and not have people judge you. Awesome, right?

But everyone wants to be popular. Even I do. For me, there's another level of feeling sad about being a small blogger. 
I sometimes think I won't get popular. You might feel that way too.
So here are some tips for people who feel like they'll never make it to the big leagues.
1) everyone started like this. So they get it. You can talk to anyone about the struggles
2) you're amazing. People just might not know this yet
3) realize that there is a lot of standards for big blogs. So it's not as pretty as you thought.
4) and it takes time and luck. The big blogs might have been lucky to get a big break. I'm not saying that's universal but it's possible.

Don't let being a small blog dampen your spirits. YOU'RE AWESOME. Don't let anyone say otherwise!

And...if you'd like to gain 'followers fast', you could join an established blog. They have a readership and all. But don't join one you don't like. You want to fit in. In a way.

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