10 Reasons Why All Victors Want to be Victor Vale

Monday, April 18, 2016

This week is Nefarious Tales week! It's a celebration of villains and their awesomeness. It's hosted by Mish from Chasing Faerytales. Check out the signup post!

And now...onto the main event!

I am a huge fan of 'Vicious'. It's one of my favorite books. And I adore the main character Victor Vale. Maybe too much. But I realized that I've never explained why. So now I will.

136381251) Antiheroness
Who doesn't love a good antihero? Their mysterious motivations. Their 'I totally look like I'm acting without morals but I'm not' attitude. I love their dark personalities. Perhaps that says something about me? Haha.

2) Awesome powers

My power would probably be using my imagination to create things. I'd love that. I'm a very creative person. But controlling pain? Who doesn't want that? I'd like that. I have a low pain tolerance. Small things hurt me, but it'd be cool to control that.

3) Parental problems

A typical characteristic of brooding characters. The parental problems. Sigh. I can sadly relate on a certain level. Let's just...not talk about it. Okay?

4) Smexy body and face

We're not really told how Victor looks like, but I can infer. I imagine a pretty skinny guy who has a really pale face. That's the closest to reality (in my mind). My messed up imagination, though? Not Buffy McBuffBuff but a pretty lean guy who works out (on the weekends but not on the even numbered days) and has this shock of blond hair. What a cutie.

5) Little sidekick

If it was anyone but Sydney, I'd probably be kicked in the shins for the 'little' jab. But I mean cute little. Not short little. Even though...she is a kid. And is most likely short...so. You know. But! I'd like a sidekick. Someone to follow me and narrate my life...wait...that's not the job of a sidekick. That's the bard. I think. Never mind. But I'd like Sydney to be my buddy. My little buddy. -squishes Sydney-

6) Black out poetry

I tried black out poetry in three years ago or so. And I loved it. Using someone's words as your own in a way? Super cool. And the emotion Victor puts into his black out poetry is just...intense.

7) Brooding

Epic brooding starts...now! I'm somebody who has tumultuous emotions. Shyness. Quick to anger. And...lovely brooding. In every day life, I'll pout and look sullen and mysterious. A lot. (A bit of fault, actually.) And it accomplishes a lot. (People won't come near. Score!)

8) Awkward friendship

I can't be the only person who secretly ships Victor and Eli. Really? Wow...I'm in my own little fandom. (Little as small in size here.) But I do love crack pairings. (A lot.) And this 'friendship' has a little more than expected... Wink wonk.

9) College boy

And, obviously, college boys are way more mature. Right?
-laughs harder-
But Victor does pull off a lot of maturity. For a college boy. For a boy. For a human. Ha!

10) Overall darkness

The black cloud of darkness hovers around Victor Vale like a storm cloud. And who can resist the darkness?
Join the dark side.
We have cookies. And cupcakes. And cake. And pie.
And Victor Vale.

Are you now convinced that Victor Vale is the epitome of perfection? Yes? No?

And enjoy a giveaway from the amazing Mishma!

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