Mischievous Itazura and Badass Jane: 'Hour of Mischief

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hour of Mischief

Author: Aimee Hyndman

Born in a whorehouse in the slums of Fortuna and burdened with a prosthetic arm, seventeen-year-old JANET REDSTONE doesn’t think she owes the Clockwork Gods anything—which is why she makes a living stealing from their temples. But when she lands her team in prison, making a pact with the God of Mischief, ITAZURA, is the only way to right her wrongs and free her friends.

Janet doesn’t trust Itazura as far as she can punch him, but with her soul in his hands, she has no choice but to do what he says. The clockwork gods and the bad-tempered elder gods of the ancient past are locked in a game of cat and mouse and the human realms are caught in the middle. If Janet can’t somehow convince the gods to step in a save the world, humanity is in an abyss of trouble.

Using her unconventional wits, an impressive tolerance to alcohol, and a strong right hook, Janet has to convince the gods that humanity is worth saving. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult to stop an apocalypse when you’re slowly being driven crazy by the Lord of Mischief, especially when he starts growing on you.

I read this for my book club at school. I wasn't a big fan when I first started it. But I got into it. And it wasn't too bad.


  • Janet and Itazura are cool. They are both really sassy. Their sarcasm was amazing. I loved their light banter. Both of these characters were really cool. Janet had a lame name, though. But she was the type of female character I like. She didn't back down. She fought. She stood up for herself. She was a brave soul. And I loved her for wanting to save her friends. I treasure friends a lot, and this made me smile.


  • The romance was expected. But...it was kinda cute. I didn't get massive feels or anything. The two of them were cute together. They joked and made fun. It was hilarious. I want a friend like Itazura. I imagine it'd be fun.
  • The world was confusing. There were too many gods. And the system was confusing. 12 gods? Why not...I dunno...14? I don't care if there are 12 hours on a clock face. Give me something interesting. And why is everything about the clock? Is there some deep time thing that I'm missing? Explain. Explain!
  • How boring can a plot be? Randomly going out and asking gods for help? Yawn. Sure, there were small fight scenes, but I wasn't a huge fan. I wanted more action. Fight! I like fighting scenes much better than seduction ones.

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