What Went Down: May 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Woohoo! It's May. Which means school is ending! In A FEW DAYS. -shrieks- I can't wait for June! And summer! And drawing and all. It'll be amazing.

Eternal Book Devourer

I am in another reading slump! Sigh. Which sucks because I was going to read one of my favorite author's new book. Stupid anime has taken over my life...

Saving Montgomery Sole. This book was odd. I wanted to like it. But I didn't. The characters weren't interesting, and the plot was lackluster. 1/5 
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. People say this book is amazing. Classic really. But I didn't really enjoy it. The premise was interesting. But I wasn't as excited as I read it. The hype was too much. 2/5
The Star Touched Queen. This book had gorgeous descriptions. The romance was pretty interesting, and it was pretty hot too. The plot was lacking, though, and so were the characters.  3/5
The Crown's Game. I read this for the readalong hosted by Brittany from Brittany's Book Rambles. It wasn't bad. The magic felt limitless and godmodded. The romance was pretty good, though. The characters not so much. 3/5
This Savage Song. I started this book. But I couldn't seem to get into it. I'm still trying to read it. It feels like the world is interesting, but I'm highly confused by it. What is what? Who is who? I'm a bit lost. But the characters have promise.

I Am A Boss Blogger (And This Is Proof)

My Posts
I hit my one year anniversary. I have two giveaways going. One is on Twitter. The other is one on my blog itself.
I was part of the SST for Genius: the Game
And I reviewed way too many books and anime...so. I'm not going to post them all here!

Event Stuff
The BiblioSummerSwag sign ups are officially closed. And this will be totally amazing! I can't wait!

I Do Not Watch Too Much Anime (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

I watched way too much anime. Again.
I finished Haikyuu Season 2. And it was gorgeous. I love Haikyuu so much. REVIEW TO COME. 5/5
I watched only THREE episodes of One Piece. I really only watched it during class when I didn't want to watch a lot of YouTube. And I'm not rating it. Yet.
I finished Wandering Son. Which is an anime about transgender middle schoolers. Which didn't meet my standards.. :( 2/5
I ADORED Hyouka. It's this masterful piece of art. I love the characters and story and literally everything about it. 5/5
I began the spring 2016 anime Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It's pretty cool? I guess? Haha. And it's still airing...so no rating!

Daily Lives of High School Peoples (aka Wren)

  • I went to see Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Which was so much fun. I didn't win the Gemina ARC, though. :(
  • AP exams happened. And I did two! But I rocked it. I think. Haha...haha...
  • I went to a small, local anime/comic book convention. Which wasn't too bad. I got an anime DVD. Which was cool! 
  • I didn't get an editor position. But I'll try again next year! (I'm doing pages/graphics next year!)
  • I got an Akibento! A monthly subscription box about anime stuff. And I made a video about it
  • I got exempt from exams. Which is amazing. I'm so happy. I don't have to take any exams! At all.

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