How Kiznaiver Episode 9 Turned the Tables

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

So. Episode nine of 'Kiznaiver' came out.

If you don't know about the show, here's a bit about it. (In my words.)
We have eight teenagers who live on a floating, ex-trash-dump of an island that is the site of a special experiment. The Kizuna Experiment is about creating peace by sharing pain. The eight Kiznaivers (that's what they call the lab rats--I mean subjects) represent a 'sin' as Sonozaki (the mysterious, blue-haired bombshell that is the face of the experiment) puts it. These kiddos wouldn't typically fraternize with each other in real life (minus Tenga and Katsuhira who meet before the experiment even starts.) This experiment is supposed to make them understand each other better and, hopefully, lead the experiment to greater lengths to create peace.

So far, the show had been showing the many missions the Kiznaivers had to go through. Some of the missions are as follows: introducing each other (with pain as a punishment if they didn't do it right), finding the eighth member (they started at seven in the first few episodes), and saving Maki (the blonde megane-chan who is constantly distant). Quite frankly, these missions were boring. (The exception is the Maki story. Which made my poor, little otaku feels hurt. Makiii. -wails-)
Then...episode nine came out.

It picked up where episode eight had ended. (Spoilers ahead. Just warning ya.) The Kiznaivers were in the wonderful world of thunderstorms/typhoons (I actually don't know the difference.) What's worse is that...wait for it...a love LOVE OCTAGON?!?! Cue my screaming. (I hate love triangles. A love octagon boggles my mind.) 
No, I'm not going to show you the MESS that is the love octagon. I die a little bit every time I think about it. No no no.

This will hopefully give you some sort of idea on this love octagon...

Back on topic.
This episode follows the reveal of the 'I know you' thing going on between Sonozaki and Katsuhira. This reveal, of course, hurts Chidori (who has a major crush on Katsuhira.) And Tenga hurts because Chidori hurts. And Nico hurts because Tenga hurts.
And basically, I summed up the main part of the love octagon. (Just saying...)

We have this massive love octagon which leads to the Kiznaivers discovering... (SPOILER ALERT) the secret 'I can hear your heart's voice' power! Bum bum bum!
Everyone's heart is SCREAMING (minus Hisomu who is smiling stupidly and sitting idly by...kidding...or am I?)

Here's where my heart breaks. 
They all collapse, which is reminiscent of earlier in the episode when the earlier Kiznaivers (you know...the child ones?) collapsed in pain. 

Now, you're probably thinking, 'Wren, why does this change how you view the series?'
It's because this scene shattered my heart. They were all screaming in pain. And I, too, felt this pain. It hurt my poor heart so much. 
The imagery is so strong. You can't help but feel pain in your heart too.
And what hits the nail on the head is Katsuhira's lack of reaction and lack of pain. (He doesn't feel the heart pain that the others feel. And this might be a sign of psychopathy.)

This episode really shows the negative effects of the Kizuna system. And I'm, now, wholly against it. Sure, it was cool at first, but this is taking it too far. If these kids (teenagers, mind you!) are basically writhing in pain and feeling their hearts shatter a million times over, what will happen if this system is unleashed on the world? A heck lot of bad. That's for sure.
Mind you, this call came about because of love and romantic entanglements. 

So, overall, this episode changed my entire perspective of the show. Sure, I didn't like it at first, but I'm now seeing the drama and absolute gorgeousness of the show. It really does show humanity's darkness and how much pain we go through every day. 
And, man, if that doesn't make you feel a bit for these characters, I'm not sure what will.

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