Love Your Mother: 'Your Lie in April' Episode 13 Analysis

Friday, June 24, 2016

I just finished the thirteenth episode of 'Your Lie in April'. You know, the show everyone says rips out your heart? Yeah, that one.
Out of the thirteen episodes I've seen so far, this one hit me the hardest. Not Kousei and Kaori on the stage playing together for the first time. Or Kousei realizing he loves her. Nope. This episode where Kousei faces his fears.

We used to see Saki (Kousei's mother) as a demon. She was the evil mother who forced Kousei Arima to break. She pushed him to be so perfect. But we all know that perfection is impossible. Not without losing your soul.

But in this episode, we got to see Saki as a human being. Not a monster or a demon. She was a mother. She was a loving person. It was a complete reversal of earlier episodes where she yelled at Kousei and all.
Remember the iconic scene of Kousei being slapped so hard by Saki and him telling her to die? Well, we got to see the next part. The part after Kousei exits. And gosh, it hurt my heart.

We got to see Saki as a person who just wanted the best for her son. And isn't that what all parents want?
Saki brought up a point like this. (Not an exact quote but the general idea.) She wondered if Kousei could do music full-time, as a professional pianist. Of course, people can do this, but they have to be good. So she forced him to play exactly as it said. And this really changed my view on her. She was trying so hard to be a good mom. Maybe she seemed harsh. But it was for the better.

We also saw Kousei change. He used to hate his mom.
Then this episode came around. And he understood her. And he understood himself. It changed a lot. I started to see his change. Not just the 'playing piano' change. But changing emotionally.

If this is any indication, I cried so hard during this episode. Not teary eyes. Full frontal crying. And, man, was it rough.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you cry too?

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