Haikyuu Ship v Ship Battle

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What do I love more than Haikyuu? Its ships! I have a separate board on my Pinterest for just Haikyuu stuff. (Which is mostly DaiSuga.)
So I decided to do a ship v ship bracket. Here is mine, all filled out.

If you want to do this on your own, there is a blank bracket here:

It didn't exactly work out. I couldn't make a digital version, so I had to print it out. And write it. And my handwriting isn't the best. 
In case you can't read my awful handwriting, I've typed up the opposing teams. (There are numbers on each bracket. which is what is below.)

You can make it bigger if you like.

Final Four

So these are the final four and my reasons for choosing them:

DaiSuga (Daichi x Sugawara)

These two are one of my favorite couple ever. They are so cute and sweet. They are Karasuno's parents the mom and dad. (And, yes, Suga is the mom. Because Suga. GENDER STEREOTYPES!) Their chemistry is amazing. The two of them are awesome together. They have easy banter and cute little looks. I love the two of them. I WANT THEM AS MY PARENTS.

KageHina (Kageyama x Hinata)

These two are the main characters of the show. At first, they're enemies, but then they become close friends. They are hilarious. They yell at each other, but the two of them have an amazing friendship.
And wouldn't that be great if they were dating? SO MANY LAUGHS.

Tsukisima x Yamaguchi

These two seem like just friends. But they're definitely more. Yamaguchi admires Tsukishima. And maybe as more than friends. The two of them would be the love/hate relationship. But more hate than with KageHina. But Tsukishima would be REALLY BAD at sharing his feelings. Which would be hilarious.

Hinata x Nishinoya

These two are the short duo. These two would be so funny together. They are so alike. Loud and rambunctious. They would compliment each other really well. Or so I think. Plus, Hinata kinda idolizes Nishinoya. Which would be crazy.

I'd love to see your picks! Tell me who you'd think would win in the comments!

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