This is Literally About Clothes: 'Kill la Kill' Review

Friday, September 30, 2016

Kill la Kill

Studio: Trigger
Producer: AniplexDentsu,Kadokawa ShotenMainichi Broadcasting SystemMovicUltra Super PicturesLucent Pictures Entertainment
Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Superpower
Episodes: 24
Episode Length: 24 minutes per episode

After the murder of her father, Ryuuko Matoi has been wandering the land in search of his killer. Following her only lead—the missing half of his invention, the Scissor Blade—she arrives at the prestigious Honnouji Academy, a high school unlike any other. The academy is ruled by the imposing and cold-hearted student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin alongside her powerful underlings, the Elite Four. In the school's brutally competitive hierarchy, Satsuki bestows upon those at the top special clothes called "Goku Uniforms," which grant the wearer unique superhuman abilities. 

Thoroughly beaten in a fight against one of the students in uniform, Ryuuko retreats to her razed home where she stumbles across Senketsu, a rare and sentient "Kamui," or God Clothes. After coming into contact with Ryuuko's blood, Senketsu awakens, latching onto her and providing her with immense power. Now, armed with Senketsu and the Scissor Blade, Ryuuko makes a stand against the Elite Four, hoping to reach Satsuki and uncover the culprit behind her father's murder once and for all. 


I've wondered why I haven't watched many animes. 'Magi: Labyrinth of Magic' and 'Your Lie in April'. After watching this anime, I want to buy all the 'Kill la Kill' merch. Including the Ryuuko Nendoroid (Who is ADORABLE.) And maybe the Mako one. Hm...

Trigger is such a fantastic studio. They did 'Kiznaiver' from the spring 2016 season. Their art style is amazing. I love it. The characters look dynamic. Everything about them is important. (Ehem, remember the ball-in-mouth on Gamagoori's original uniform? Yeah, that. There's a reason for it. You'll find out later.) The animation is fast-paced but amazing. I completely adore it.

The OPs for this anime kill my heart. Get it? Get it? But they're amazing. I truly love them. The second one starts out slow, but it speeds up. I hum it often. The first one is great too! The images in the background truly do suit the anime and what happens within that part of the anime. It works.
Check out the first OP here.

Every second of this anime is dedicated to action. We're thrown into fights and yelling and slashing immediately. There is no time for stopping. I love this. We have no beach scenes or lulls in the story. (It's not the long 8 episode randomness of 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'. THAT was useless after episode 2 or so.) Everything IS action. This is how a story should be. No lulls. No stops. Nothing of that sort. Just story.
Because of this, though, the pacing is insane(ly amazing.) You don't get time to breathe or process what you're seeing. It's mostly positives, but because of this fact, I'm happy I didn't binge watch it all the way through. I'd be breathless if I did.

The characters are fabulous. Ryuuko is the badass I love. Mako is the energetic best friend. And Senketsu is a GARMENT, but he has more personality than some other anime characters (Insert any otome game turned anime character ever. I'm looking at you 'Brothers Conflict'. YOU.)
Ryuuko is desperate. And badass. She loves with her entire heart. Seeing her defend her friends is amazing. She's someone to admire. She's dedicated and fierce. Definitely in competition for best girl (Watch out, Rem.)
Mako is so cute. I love her randomness. And when she gets her spotlight? Adorable. (In case you're wondering, though, her hand motions match up to the Japanese, not the English.) She's lovable and crazy loyal. I love it. Plus, her Two-Star Uniform is BADASS.

You know that I hate ecchi? Well, I hate ecchi. I might never have said it before, but I do. But this anime does it well. (Much like 'Food Wars'. Which does ecchi pretty well.) We're not overloaded with boobs and butts. Instead, the uniforms are skimpy but for a reason. (It takes some time to understand why. They'll explain it, though.) We aren't forced to see ecchi. Rather, the ecchi is part of the story. It's part of the world. And that makes it tolerable, if not amazing, on its own.

There is only one problem about this anime.
It is literally about clothes.
You have to wrap your mind around that. It's a super amazing anime...about clothes. That's something that doesn't make much sense to me, but once you remind me of Senketsu and Ryuuko's relationship, I forgive you. Because those two are OTP. (Well...Gamagoori and Mako are OTP. Senketsu and Ryuuko are second OTP.)

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